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I am a very simple girl when it comes to makeup, I don’t wear too much products because I am still on my skincare journey and I don’t want anything heavy on my face. For my everyday looks I tend to go for a more natural glowing makeup look but this year I want to switch up things a little bit by adding more products but still the end goal is a more natural finish look. Today on the blog I am sharing with you my new addition to my makeup routine and why I am obsessed with each product.

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Since i rarely wear foundation and heavy makeup i have started being more creative with my eyes and lips because i feel like they are my best facial features ( especially the lips) so i started wearing mascara and let me tell you i love it !!!

The role of a good mascara is to thicken , curl and increase volume of your eyelashes which improve and accentuate the appearance of your eyes. I have been trying out 2 mascaras one from Miniso and another from Elf and each one of them give different results depending on what you want.

If you want to go for bold standing out lashes i will suggest you go for the Miniso Mascara that gives a more stand out look.

Miniso Rwanda Mascara
Miniso Mascara

The Miniso Mascara cost me $6 and it was worth the money, you can check other products that i got from Miniso here.

If you want to go for a more natural look with minimal effort the ELF cosmetic mascara is for you, I love how it goes throughout your lashes by giving them more definition and volume, i used to be this girl with no lashes but with this mascara they look thick and natural which i love. I got this one from Asos and it costs me only $3.

elf cosmetics


Who saw this coming ? Not me , as i said at the beginning of this blog I used to be a very natural girl I only did my eyebrows and some lip balm and that was it but the moment I started wearing an eye liner things changed. Eye liner has this little extra touch it adds to the makeup that i don’t know how to describe especially when you go for the cat eye look , it is so beautiful , sexy and hard to apply at the same time lol !! but i am glad i started wearing more eyeliner it added something to my everyday look.


When it comes to my eye makeup game i have been going really hard on this and i know you guys saw it and i am here for it by the way.

Another item that i added to my makeup routine is an eye shadow signature, i am still new and learning so far i go for one color and i use my fingers to apply( a technique i learned from Monroe STEELE) , I never thought i could wear eye shadow everyday but this is what stepping out for your comfort zone does , you learn and explore a lot !

So far i can say i love wearing eye shadow and now i understand why people have different palettes , there is something special about each eye look you create so ladies never say never when it comes to makeup.

Here is a guide on eye shadow palette to buy that are affordable and beginner friendly, click here to read.


I am more of a lip gloss girl but this year I am going to start wearing more red lipsticks, they are very feminine and a lipstick can take one makeup look from 0 to 100 in just seconds so why not ? I love lipsticks from Huda beauty they are so pigmented and do not damage your lips.

For the lipsticks shades i have started going for bright colors , i know they can be very overwhelming when you are a melanin queen and my tip is that when i feel like it is to bright i add a brown lip liner to add that little balance and it gives more 90s vibes which i love !!

When i am not wearing a red lipstick a lip liner and gloss are my everyday to go for choice , i love a natural lined lip with a little bit of gloss and shine so sis if you lipsticks are not for you go for a simple gloss and lip liner.


Since I leveled up my eye makeup game a lot I highly needed an eye makeup remover because most of these products are water resistant and we all know it is not good for your skin to sleep with makeup so I got mine from GOODLIFE RW and it is from Signature brand ( a south African brand) .

It does the job, remove the eye makeup easily , i am not a big fun of the scent but it gets the job done , i would recommend it if you are looking for an affordable eye makeup remover because it costs ony $5.

My top 1 recommendation will always be the GARNIER MICELLAR WATER it does the job better and also is very affordable, check the review here.

Those are the products that i recently added to my makeup routine and i have been loving trying each product. Which poduct have you introduced to your makeup routine recently? Let me know in the comment section.

See you next time in another blog xoxo !!

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