Hello beauties welcome back to my blog , today in the beauty section i am reviewing the famous GARNIER CLEASING WATER with some few tips and tricks i learned in my skin care journey but before we do that, how are you doing ? How is life ? Please let me know in the comment section i would like to hear from you.
As you have seen in my recent beauty blog this year’s beauty goal is : ” CLEAR NATURAL AND ACNE FREE SKIN” which is hard but worthy.

One of the main thing that helps your skin become better is having a constant skin care routine which i am currently working on step by step and I am happy to say that I managed to follow the first 3 step of the routine in the last months and i must admit that i have seen results if you are new to all of this make sure you check my blog about skin care routine step for beginners by clicking here.
The first most important step is cleansing your skin which helps remove impurities from your skin before adding anything else on your skin, today on the blog i am reviewing the GARINER CLEANSING WATER which has been helping me a lot in my skin care journey.
Is it your first time hearing about this product ? If yes make sure to keep reading because this blog is very important for you.


Micellar water is an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in 1 step, without rinsing. The micellar water also promote hydration, remove excessive oil and keep your skin clear.

I used this product first back in 2018 at that time I didn’t even know what cleansing was I only thought it was for removing my makeup but when I understood what it was all about and started my skincare journey I knew I had to get back to it.


To start i got a 100 ml bottle which is a travel size what I needed due to my job also I wanted to try it out and see how my skin responded. it comes in a clear bottle with a pink opening. For the packaging it is 10/10 I love it , it’s cute and feminine. If you want it a big size it also comes with 200 and 400 ml so i propose you start with the small size to see how your skin reacts to it if you find that you love get yourself a big one.


It is made of aqua/ water, hexylene glycol, glycerin,poloxamer 184,disodium cocoamphodiacetate etc… what i love more about it is paraben and fragnance free and it is for all the skin types and even sensitive skin, isn’t that incredible?


It is very effective all you need is a few drops on your cotton pads and it does the job , you can even use to remove your eye and lip makeup. What i love the most about this product is that it doesn’t require rubbing due to the micells that capture all the residues without rubbing.
It leaves your skin smooth, clean and fresh girll this is no joke try it and let me know.
For the effectiveness i will give it a 10/10 i am not planning to change this product unless if i am trying the fenty or the kylie skin care line i heard a lot of great thing about these two and i am going to save up some coins to try them out.

Here are a few tips that i learnt in this skin care journey:

BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR ROUTINE: even if you are not using fancy product make sure you are consistent with your routine, this include your morning and evening makeup routine. Sis you want to see results ? BE CONSISTENT.

DOUBLE CLEANSING IS REALLY IMPORTANT : if you wore heavy makeup feel free to double cleanse even if you didnt this is something you should consider once or twice per week.
What i mean here is using two products while cleasing your skin, this something that really helps your skin to get rid of any impurities left on your skin. When i double cleanse i first remove my makeup with makeup wipes, i know a lot of people are not fan of makeup removal wipes but they are not bad as long as you don’t use them alone and then i go in with my dudu osun soap it does the job for me super well i also did a reiview on my blog check it here and then i go in with my garnier cleansing water to make sure that there is nothing left and proceed with my skin care routine.

STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE: This is very important, our hands are so dirty so stop adding too much dirt on your face. Recently i have been touching my face like crazy due to the breakouts but from now on i ll try to stop this bad habit.

DRINK YOUR WATER SIS : very important not only for your face but for your whole body sis drink at leat one liter per day.


Definitely yes this is a must have in your makeup routine not only because it is affordable but it is also very effective. Get yours from any local beauty store ( TC WELLNESS KIGL) , down below i am going to link some insta stores where you can find them in Kigali , you can also get one from amazon.

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