Still reminiscing on the 3 days i spent in Rubavu with my girls, had the best time and if you are planning to go there on the blog i am sharing with you 3 affordable activities to do in Rubavu.

You know i am all about affordability and good experience that’s why i want to put you on, before we get there check out the whole Rubavu experience here and if you want tips on how to pack for your trip read my recent blog here.


Lake Kivu

As an explorer the first amazing and exciting thing to do in Rubavu is to book a car and go for a sightseeing experience. Rwanda is known to be the country of a thousand hills, more greenery and beautiful scenery which is something you mostly experience in Rubavu.

The car ride (a cab of course) around the beautiful town of Rubavu from town to the beach will cost you between 8000 rwf – 10000 rwf and this is very affordable. You will get to know the place, take pictures and learn more about Rubavu.

I enjoyed this experience, saw different places, resorts, boats and the view of the lake is so beautiful. The place and the roads super clean and calming to look at.


The next activity to do which i highly enjoyed was jet skiing. Let me tell you this was the best thing ever to do as a water activity.

All the water activities we did were with Gofun250, they have different water activities including speedboat, kayaki, floating boats etc.. and the experience was amazing highly recomend 10/10.

It was my first time going for jet ski experience, my first time at the Lake and I don’t know how to swim (at my big age, SHAME!!). The experience was so good the staff so welcoming which made the whole experience so enjoyable.

Jet ski price ranges from 15000 rwf to 25000 rwf depending on the distance you want to cover and from 80000 rwf to 150000 rwf depending on the duration ( from 30 minutes to 1 hour). Worth every penny and would highly recommend.


Another water activity you can do at Lake kivu is speed boat, which can be super fun if you go further for us we went for a short experience.

The good thing about this one it is more affordable doing it as a group than doing it alone, the price range from 50000 rwf to 400000 rwf depending on the destination and from 40000 rwf to 200000 rwf depending on the duration ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For more accurate details and booking, check gofun250 on their instagram page here. –

It was fun being by the water and creating memories with my friends without breaking the bank, those are the activities i managed to do in 3 days but i know you can do more which i can not wait to try when i go back.

Which activities are you willing to try? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading this far see you in another blog xoxo!

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