I started my fashion blogging journey in 2018 and to be honest when i started i didn’t even know what denim was or even what a fashion trend was bdw i didn’t have any style back then but my love for fashion made me start blogging. Since i was a kid i was always passionate about fashion i used to draw some styles i saw in movies or music video, I loved watching fashion shows, the Kardashians and putting outfits together was always my favorite thing to do.

So the more i blogged about fashion the more i got to understand and elevate in my fashion journey so through it all here are 5 common fashion mistakes i used to do back then that will take your outfit from 100 to 0 beleive me there are so many common fashion mistakes ( if you want more let me know in the comment section i will be happy to do another blog )and also i am going to share with you how to avoid them but before we get into that here are some basic fashion blogs every girl should read:

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The first fashion mistake i want to share with you is wearing the wrong bra size this is the worst thing that can happen and i have been a victim for the longest time, not only it is uncomfortable but also it can ruin your whole outfit.

How do you know you are wearing the wrong size? Here are some of the signs that the bra size is wrong:

  • YOUR BOOB IS FALLING OUT : One of the first thing that will tell you that something is off is when your boob no longer fit in the bra, when it is falling off it is means the bra is either too small or too big for you which is very uncomfortable cause you will have to adjust every minute here and there.
  • Your skin is irritated or chaffing : which is due to the fact that your bra is too small
  • The back band is sliding up : we all know this and we all have been there and some people are still here but at the end of this blog I hope you will change that ( if you are still there of course !). When the back of your bra is sliding up it means that the bra you are wearing is too big for you so you need to change that.

Not only wearing a wrong size can ruin your outfit but also wearing the wrong bra for the outfit is also one of the common mistakes people make like you are wearing an off-shoulder top with the straps of your bra showing off that also doesn’t look great and here is how you can correct all these mistakes.



The first thing to do is knowing and wearing your bra size, there is so many information out here and many stores that provide bra fitting services so sis it is time you invest in a good fitting bra.

A good fitting bra should have the level band ( which goes around your chest) should fit not too tight not too loose, make sure it is comfortable and true to size because the band is the one that provide support. It is also has comfortable cups your boobs should sit comfortably into the cups not sliding or leaving space that is why is crucial to get your proper size.

For more information on how to measure and find your own bra size check this blog from Healthline :how-to-find-your-bra-size


Another thing you need to do to correct this fashion mistake is to buy more bras, different colors ,types and sizes because you know that your size can change with time due to different factors so make sure that you also change accordingly. With so many options it will help you avoid those mistakes and make you look more put together.


Another common fashion mistake people do and ignore most of the time is wearing the wrong size it can be in clotting or even shoes which can be very uncomfortable and makes you look very not put together.

When it comes to styling one of the common mistake people do is wearing an oversized jean with an oversized top and an oversized blazer that doesn’t look flattering at all, if you want to look more stylish pair an oversized item with an other true to size item this combo always look better.


  • INVEST IN YOUR TRUE SIZE : When you are shopping make sure you buy clothes that are true to size if you are buying online use the size guide or read the reviews before you buy anything. Not only it makes you look put together but it is also comfortable wearing something that fits it can be your clothes even your shoes.
  • KNOW HOW TO STYLE DIFFERENT ITEMS : If you love wearing oversized clothing make sure you also know how to style them differently according to your body type.
  • STOP SHOPPING FROM ANY SHOP ESPECIALLY INSTAGRAM SHOPS : Shopping online can be tricky so whenever you are shopping make sure you check the size before shopping if you don’t you may end up with things that are hard to style and you will end up never wearing them.


Another big fashion mistakes is wearing clothes that are not ironed , yes i know ! weird right? I used to be that girl , yes i admit.

I didn’t care much about ironing always told myself it doesn’t matter but listen don’t leave your house with that shrank top makes you look disorganized and cheap, sorry i had to say this !!!! If you can afford an iron please do some ironing, here are the benefits of ironing your clothes:

  • Make your clothes look brand new and fresh which also boots your confidence
  • Kills germs
  • Helps control and prevent shrinkage

This is your sign to start ironing your clothes before you leave the house.


We all love affordable clothes because we can’t all affordable designers but here is the thing sometimes you have to invest into quality over quantity especially those items that you wear a lot like your blazers, jeans, shoes, tops etc…

When you invest in a good fabric clothing or even shoes or accessories it saves you from always buying things that you only wear once and throw away which save time and money so yes sis invest in great materials.

Also another thing you need to know is that you have to refresh your wardrobe more often to avoid stocking on things you no longer wear or no longer need.

You can check my blog on how to organize your wardrobe here.


The biggest mistake we make is not taking into consideration our body type when coming up with an outfit this is the worst and can kill your whole outfit.

We all have different body types and we should learn to love them and understand that different clothes look good on different body type not everything is meant for your body type, let that sink in !!!

There is so many articles on different body size and how to dress so make sure you read and find what works for you but the main key here is loving and accepting yourself which boots your confidence and this can make an outfit on you outstanding.

Fashion is all about trying out make sure you try so many style until you find what works better for you.

Those are 5 fashion common mistakes that people love to make, which fashion mistake did you notice a lot ? Let me know in the comment section.

This is it for today see you another day sharing and learning some few things with you, take care xoxo !

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