10 pieces to add in your wardrobe 2023 - STYLED BY FRANCE

Is your wardrobe starting to feel a little boring to you ? You find yourself not knowing what to wear and it is so hard for you to put an outfit together? I am here to save you. I know it is the new year and most people want to buy and invest in new clothing items so I am here to give you some few ideas of pieces you can buy that are timeless, trendy (some of them ), easy to style and will give a boost to your closet.

In 2023 the fashion scene is more about your own personal style, creativity and just having fun while dressing up, if you ever feel stuck dressing up remember :”just wear what makes you more confident and happy” so let’s jump into those pieces you need ASAP !!!


I know i say this in most of my fashion blogs but sis Blazers are here to stay and I live for it, I am a big fan of blazers especially oversized blazers and I love how they elevate any look, if you want to elevate your style , an oversized blazer is a must have, they are easy to style , go with everything and can be worn for any occasion.

Here are some few ideas on how to style them:

  • with a blue jean , basic top and some heels : a very casual and trendy look you can wear anywhere even on those days you don’t know what to wear this will save you.
  • With a cute mini skirts and some boots: Another easy look you can create with an oversized blazer, you can never go wrong with this one. It is sexy, feminine and very put together.

If you need more ideas on how to style all the blazers in your wardrobe check this blog: how-to-style-a-blazer-a-staple-item-you-need-in-your-wardrobe

If you are based in Rwanda Mwiza outfits has the best blazers in Kigali, check them here: @mwiza_outfits




Another item to add into your wardrobe is a maxi denim skirt, one of the trending pieces in 2023. I love how fashion is evolving and how much you can play with your outfit and a maxi denim skirt is one of those pieces that I feel like it would be fun to style up and down. This is something I am planning to have as well cause the moment I saw my favorite influencers rocking them I knew I had to have one and that’s on periodt !

Styling this is really simple when you have basic items like white t-shirts, crop top anything can go with this skirt. You can pair it with a plain black or white top and a blazer for a cozy look or you can just pair it with a crop top and heels for a more feminine look.

With this item do your own thing it always come out amazing.


Boyfriend jeans are going anywhere, anything baggy and oversized is here to stay in few words streetwear is dominating the fashion scene in 2023.

I love me some boyfriend jeans , if you follow me on Instagram you know my love for boyfriend jeans, they are very beautiful , go with everything especially when you pair them with heels they make you look classy and put together, you can create any look with this item. This is why every girl should have at least 2 pair of boyfriend jeans.

Here are my three ways on how you can style them:

  • Cute blazer, white top and some heels : This is a perfect look for your office wear, the last time I wore this I received tons of compliments.
  • Pair it with sneakers for a more streetwear : boyfriend jean with a cute top and sneakers is the cutest and most comfy look you can come up with.

Buy one here:



I am not a big fan of hand bags but this year i am probably getting myself 3 or 4 bags because sis this is one of the items that will take your outfit from zero to 100 in seconds.

I was influenced by Monroe Steele and Octavia , thank you Ladies for making me want to be more girlie , there are so many cute handbags out there and if you plan to start or expand your bag collections here are some few ideas:

  • CLEAR BAG : This is one of the bags that I have been seeing everywhere in 2022 and I think it will stay in this year too. I love this bag it can go with everything and can be worn at any occasion, any season especially during summer. Here are some of my picks for you :

  • BLACK TOTE BAG : A must have for every lady out here, Tote bags are essentials especially for work days, I have had my eyes on FLOVE for a while but if you want affordable tote bags here are some few options:


I love cargo pants especially when it is paired with a cutout crop top and some heels baby this is a KILLER LOOK !! This is your sign to get yourself cargo pants because they will be trending in 2023.

Not only the pants anything that has pockets on it, it can be a jacket or shirt just know these are back in style.

This is a timeless piece that you can style anyhow you like in every season so yeah this is a must have.


Colors are not going anywhere in 2023 and if you wanted to add a little bit of pop into your style this is something you can consider. Colors like pink, blue are making hit in the fashion scenes so if you don’t mind rocking those bold colors feel free to pick some few pieces in those colors they will refresh your wardrobe big time.


I am a big lover of knitwear during cold seasons especially the knitwear sweaters they are very cozy and very stylish when they are paired with leggings and boots this is my to go too look during rainy seasons, also during summer we have some knitwear swimsuits and swimsuits cover up so yeah adding a knitwear to your wardrobe is not a bad idea and i think every lady should own some knitwear.


This year i am becoming THAT GIRL and i will dress like HER , my love for heels have started growing and i think every lady should at least own 3 pairs as a beginner pack : nude , black pumps and some sandals and you can extend your collection with time.

So if you want to refresh your wardrobe add some new pair of heels and sis you will thank me later.


Another most essential item that can elevate your look is your accessories like earrings , bracelets, watches, rings anything that is stylish shop it !

If you want to refresh your wardrobe and switch up your style a little bit invest in new jewelry and trust me it will add a little something to your look. It doesn’t have to be expensive shops like GLIMSTORE and GET YOURS ( on Instagram) have amazing pieces that can fit your budget so why not ? Invest in accessories you will thank me later.


We are finishing the blog with the best , invest in your inner wear sis a good bra will kill or save your look so it is very important to get yourself some new bra and undies at the start of the year.

This is something a lot of people ignore but that can really break your outfit so sis it is time to invest and invest again in good bras and undies, your black bra can rest now get yourself some cute stuff not only it elevate your look but also makes you feel a little bit better and confident.

Those are my 10 pieces that can help you refresh and elevate your wardrobe, which one is your favorite ? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading till the end, see you next time xoxo !!!

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