Who else loves a blazer like me ? Blazers are one of these pieces that never go out of style and they also go with everything, if you don’t own any blazer in your wardrobe this blog will inspire you to do so.

Blazers have super powers they bring to life any outfit, go with everything and you can wear them in any season of the year plus they never go out of style, it is that type of item you buy and never regret doing so.

Today on the blog i will share with how to style your blazer and different type of blazer you need to have in your wardrobe no matter your personal style.

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Before we dive into the styling part let’s first get into the type of blazer every girl should have in their wardrobe.

There is so many type of blazer out there but today I choose 3 main types that I believe every girl should have because they go with everything and you can create amazing looks with them.


To start every girl needs a black blazer in their wardrobe, black is the color girl, black goes with everything you can’t never go wrong with a black blazer.

You need a black blazer because it goes with everything and you can wear it in every season. Another thing i love about a black blazer is that it adds a touch of elegance and put together to your outfit so if you have been looking for an item that does that you got it.


“An oversized blazer is bae”

If you are one of these people that love edgy looks this is a must have in your wardrobe but oversized blazer are not for edgy styles only , they are also for all of us. Oversized blazer are very stylish and iconic , they elevate any look so if you want a stylish item in your wardrobe get yourself an oversized blazer,

When shopping for an oversized blazer you can get any color but as fashion guru i would suggest you get a black one ( it goes with everything) and you can wear repeatedly , a neon color blazer ( to spice up your outfit) and a nude one to wear with any item in your wardrobe and Mwiza outfits has amazing oversized blazer for you, ll link them at the end of this blog.


The last must have blazer in your wardrobe is a vibrant color blazer it can be any color depending on your liking, i love me some neon color blazer these are the best. I love vibrant colors because they elevate your style and these are the best for summer season when the sun is out .

Now that we have the type of blazer every girl should have in their wardrobe let’s jump into the styling part


One thing i love about blazers is that you can wear them with anything in every season but if you want to look more put together here are some styling tip you need to know:

1.For vibrant color blazer pair it with a monochromatic outfit

if you want to style a vibrant color blazer make sure that the rest of the outfit is made of mono chromatic pieces. This makes you look more put together and elegant. mixing too many colors is not sexy ( just saying) plus this will make your blazer stand out , the blazer will be the star of the outfit.

2. Blazer with a blue jean and white top

For a more basic and down to earth look pair your blazer with a blue jean and a white top, this is a BASIC KILLER LOOK.

You can’t never go wrong with this look and I love that you can wear it anywhere anytime. this outfit give basic, stylish and casual vibes if you want to elevate it you can add a pair of high heels for that feminine touch but if you are a sneakers girl pair this look with white sneakers et voila.

3. An Oversized blazer With shorts

Another styling idea that never go out of style is pairing your oversized blazer with shorts it can be a short dress, skirt or denim shirts. This look is so fire and you can wear this anywhere even at your office ( p.s it depends on the office environment if you know you know) .

I would suggest wearing this for brunch, a day or night out with the girls or when hanging out this is beautiful and feminine so if you want to giveaway your oversized blazer first try this look.

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