Today on the blog i am talking about PERSONAL STYLE, tips on how you define and build your personal style if you don’t already have one.

Before we dive in the tips that can help you build your personal style , we are first going to see what is a personal style and the benefits of having one.

For me a personal style is a way to express yourself through what you are wearing and how you are wearing it, a personal style is like a fashion signature that separate you from the crowd it is like your identity when it comes to fashion.

In this blog post i am going to share with you the benefits of knowing/ having your personal style and if you are new to this i am also sharing with you tips that can help you build up your own personal style.

I am still learning on how to put together a UNIQUE STYLE for myself but for now my personal style is more about feminine, comfort and a little touch of FASHIONISTA ( i am still experimenting lol ).

The benefits of having your own personal style.

To start i am going to share with you the benefits of having your own style.

  • IT MAKES YOU STAND OUT : having your personal style it is like having your own identity something that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you are this person that wants to be unique well start working on your own style that will tell your story.
  • SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY: when you have your personal style you don’t struggle with ” i don’t know what to wear dilemma” because everything in your closet is a piece that say a lot about who you are. This will also help you save money because when you go shopping you know what to look for instead of buying things you probably aren’t going to wear.

Now that we know the benefits of having a personal style we are going to see tips that can help you build one.


source: The Trendspotter

Building a personal style is very hard guys , at first you may not know where and how to start . Looking for an inspiration is the first and most basic step to start with.

Who is that person that inspires you when it comes to fashion? That’s the first question you should ask yourself.

There is so many places where you can get inspirations from either Instagram, p interest, tv shows anywhere, start visiting social media of people that inspire you and learn from them.

Now that we have influencers and bloggers this also a best way to get inspired when it comes to your personal style.

Find 3 people that inspires you when it comes to fashion and write down 5 things that you love about each , this will give you a notion on what you like when it comes to fashion.

My 3 inspiration when it comes to fashion are Rihanna , CARDI B and MONROE STEELE a fashion blogger from NEWYORK ( If you dont’t follow her you are missing out).

Each of these 3 inspirations have that one thing that play a big role in my styling sense, For Rihanna i love her sense of style it is sexy , feminine and i love how she mixes different patterns to come up with a unique look.

source: Instagram

What i love about CARDI B is her accessory game her necklaces, watches, earrings and glasses whewh !!! it is breathtaking , i wasn’t a big fan of accessories but being a bardi gang changed me and now i pay attention to my accessories a little bit more.

What i love about Monroe Steele is how organized, clean and fashionista she looks, guys please check her page and see for yourself.

Monroe Steele


Your lifestyle can impact your personal style and this is something to take into consideration.

What is your daily occupation ? Do you work or study ? Where do you live ? etc…

What is your lifestyle ? Where do you spend most of your time?

You may love runaway fashion or trends but work at the bank full time this may affect your personal style.

While building up your wardrobe try to balance between your personal and work life. Like for me i am a nurse and a blogger at the same so when buying clothes i try to balance between my hobby and profession i don’t want to buy something that will never get out of my closet.

Pay attention to your location people that live in very hot area don’t dress like people that live in cold areas OR people that live in the city don’t dress like people in the city side. Know that where you live can affect how you dress.


As i told you in the beginning your personal style give you an identity and makes you stand out.

What you wear is going to say much about who you are, make sure that your personality is reflected through what you are wearing if you don’t want to cause confusion.

know this: Building your personal style is not something that you do overnight it is a process that requires knowing and understanding yourself, so give it time.

You can be inspired by people but remember who you are while creating your personal style.

Ask yourself what are 3 things that defines me when it comes to what i am going to wear.

Here are 3 things that define my personal style :

  • comfortable
  • feminine
  • a little touch of fashionista

If you noticed in all my outfit i make sure it is something that i am comfortable in, that brings out my feminine side with a little touch of fashionista it can be an accessory, hair or a trend.

Some people even have one color that define their style , don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try that also , remember fashion is more about expressing yourself.


When building up your personal style find a signature that makes you stand out, it can be your accessories, hair, bag, color, scent.

Find that one thing that people will know about you. I am still trying to find my signature and in the process i am trying everything out to see what speaks to my soul.

So if you are building your personal style make sure you take this into consideration.

Those are the 4 tips that can help you build up your personal style, was this blog helpful? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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