We are back with another Fashion blog and this time I am sharing some affordable must have fashion items that you can get from Asos, not only they are summer friendly but also they are those type of items you can wear on a regular basis and style differently any day anywhere, they are basic and very affordable. So if you have been having a problem coming out with bomb outfit for the summer this blog is going to give you many creative ideas.

Another best thing about this blog is that ASOS ships directly to Rwanda for FREE and it takes 2 weeks to get here so to all my Rwandans babes that always wanted something like this you asked and I listened and also I want to thank one of my Insta baddie that plugged me on this brand you are the real MVP, so let’s jump into the items.

P.S : Some items were expensive on Asos so i had to link the affordable version of them from other websites, I hope you also like them


Sunglasses are a must have in the summer we all know that sun in this season is no joke and we need to be covered but they also play a big role in accessorizing your outfit so this is an essential item for your wardrobe.

I would highly suggest you get an oversized square pair for the summer because first they are never out of style and they cover your eyes effectively.

If you are looking for some cute pair to compliment your outfit here is some i choose for you, also make sure you shop before the sales are over:


Babe if you don’t already own this one i don’t know what you are doing with life, A white button down shirt is A MUST have in your wardrobe for your every day wear. I love this piece right here because you can create tons of look with it and the best part is the comfort it gives especially when it is oversized.

Styling tips:

  • Pair it with bike shorts and sneakers: This is a very basic outfit you can create with this shirt and plus you can wear this everywhere brunch date, shopping, hanging with friends etc…
  • Pair it with boyfriend or mum jean: For an oversized comfy look you can pair this white oversized shirt with an oversized jean and other a pair of sneakers but if you want to add a little touch of femininity you can pair this look with heels ( nude sandal heels especially).
  • Pair it with black trouser: black and white is always a good combination and this an easy look you can create when you don’t want to do too much with your outfit, if you want to elevate this look you can play with accessories.

Disclaimer : I couldn’t find an affordable one on Asos but here are my few favorites from Nasty Gal and they are between $20 and $30 , hope you love them :



Tank tops are very easy to style they go with everything from jeans, skirt to shorts so this is a must have in your wardrobe , as I always say here you must own at least 3 tank tops of different colors .

I also made a blog of basic items every girl should have in her wardrobe click here to read

You can either go for loose or tight tank tops it is up to your style but this is a basic , must have for the summer.



It is that time of the year to show our beautiful well moisturized legs in beautiful shorts. To be honest Shorts are my favorite during summer even if i don’t wear them that much but these are cute and easy to style and can be worn anywhere if styled correctly.

In your wardrobe i would suggest that you have black bike shorts and some jean shorts, you can’t never go wrong with these ones Here are some i picked for you :

Styling tip:

  • FOR BEACH TRIP : If you are going for a small beach gateway you can pair your shorts( any type) with a cute pair of sandals, a white tank top with a cute mini bag and you are ready to go .

  • NIGT OUT : if you are going out with friends or your boo in the hot summer period you can wear some jean shorts, a cute tank top and an oversized blazer with a pair of heels or sneakers if you are like me et voila you are ready to go.


You know i can’t finish a summer fashion blog without mentioning a sleeveless dress and to make it more summerly a sleeveless floral dress.

These are the type dresses that will never go out of style, i love hw comfortable and easy to style they are, these are my to go to dress in the summer.

Here are some cute ones for you :


Another fashion piece that I have seen trending is sandals not any type of sandals but the DAD sandals those big sandals we have seen our father wear on a lazy weekend are here killing the fashion scene in 2022.

I feel in love with these sandals when i saw Monroe Steele rock them in her youtube video and this is something i can add to my shoe collection, would you rock these ones ? Let me know in the comment section.


We can’t finish a fashion blog without mentioning bags it can be shoulder, hand bags any and today I am suggesting you add some fun and colorful bags to your collection. Small bags are still trending in 2022 and here some I choose for you:


Now my favorite part is SUITS , here I am not talking about any type of suits but colorful ,vibrant suits that give luxury and summer vibes. The colors that are dominating in this season are orange, hot pink, lime green, lavender etc…

Here i would highly suggest you get a cute short with it’s blazer for a more summer and comfortable look.


You don’t know what to wear on a sunny day? Well if you a basic oversized t shirt you don’t have to worry because you can still style this one in so many looks:

  • Pair it with shorts : you can’t never go wrong with this one.
  • Put a small body hugging short dress on top : this is a very stylish look , add a cute pair of sandals, a small crossbody bag and some sunglasses and you are good to go.
  • Pair it with cargo pants: This is another look you can rock on your lazy day for the accessories feel free to express yourself.

This is why I highly suggest you get yourself basic items tat never go out of style and that are easy to style.


The last item i am sharing with you in this blog post is floral pieces it can be a dress, skirt or even top anything. Floral pieces represents summer and sun so if you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe for the summer season here are some other pieces you can add to your collection:

Those were my 10 summer pieces i personally think you should add into your wardrobe, which one is your favorite ? Let me know in the comment section. See you next time in another blog xoxo !

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