Boyfriend jeans are not going anywhere !!! When i say anywhere i mean it, so today on the blog i am sharing with you different ways you can style them for spring and summer and i know that this blog will inspire you to get a pair if you don’t already have one.

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I feel like this year the fashion scene is moving towards timeless pieces that you can style differently it’s all about diversity, classy mixed with luxury and i love that !!! And today we are focusing on how you can style those baggy boyfriend jean we all love.

One thing i love about jeans is that no matter your personal style you can dress them up and down and still look gorgeous, this is one of these timeless pieces that you can style easily and for any occasion. So here are some few ideas on how you can style them for spring and summer.


This look has been trending on the gram for a while , i saw amazing fashion bloggers like Monroe Steele rocking this and i was like yes !!yes!! yes !!! THIS IS A VIBE.

I have been seeing it all over the internet and who saw this coming ? Pairing a blazer with a NY cap and baggy jeans, who knew ? Well me i never thought that it could be a look but the moment i tried it i was blown away.

This look give streetstyle, class, elegance, relax , runaway vibe and it is very Instagramable . I love it !!! And the best part it is that it is very comfortable.

You can elevate this look by adding a pair of heels and a cute small bag but if you don’t want to do too much pair it with sneakers. Where would you rock this outfit to ? Let me know in the comment section.


For my basic girls pair your baggy jeans with a white top if you are extra use a white crop top , you can’t never go wrong with a white top.

The tip with boyfriend jean is to make sure you pair it with a body hugging top it can be a shapewear, tank tops, bodysuit anything as long as it is true to size. Don’t wear a baggy top with a baggy jean it makes you look baggy and disorganized.

With this look you can also dress it up or down which is something i love about jeans. Either with some cute sandals for a sunny day or with a pair of sneakers it would all look perfect and lovely.

If you want to style up this look put on some heels and an oversized blazer on top it is a vibe ! Or if it is on a hot day you can replace the blazer with an oversized white shirt it does also look cute.

white top and oversized shirt with cutr creamy boyfriend jean - styled by france


Corsets have been making some noise in the fashion world , they are very luxurious and snatch the waist who doesn’t love that ?? Plus it makes you look classy, feminine and very sexy and you can’t imagine how cute and fabulous it looks when you pair it with low-rise boyfriend jean.

This is a perfect look for summer !!

If you love showing a little bit of skin this look is definetly for you plus it gives that hourglass body this would be a perfect look for a date night or just brunch with the boss babe. Love this !!

Another look you can create with a corset top and a a boyfriend jean is by adding an oversize white shirt underneath the corset. This is a killer look !!! If you want to look more fashionista this is it ! Pair this with some nude or black sandal heels baby trust me it’s a vibe.

Fashion tip: As i keep mentioning in this blog , boyfriend jeans go pretty well with heels if you want to elevate your look always add some heels and accessories and you are ready to go.

Those are my 3 simple and trendy ways you can style your boyfriend jean in 2023, which one is your favorite ? Let me know in the comment section. See you in the next blog xoxo !!

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