Makeup trends you need try in 2023

Makeup trends have been evolving since the 90’s . from the bold shimmer eye shadow to nude looks, from thin non existing eyebrows to full natural eyebrows, every era bring it’s own trend and as a makeup lover I am always up and ready to try them all.

Today on the blog i am sharing 5 makeup trends that have been making news in 2023. Most of them arose from tiktok sensations, tv shows and our favorite celebrities that never cease to amaze us not only i am sharing the trends but i am also sharing my opinion on each one, like are some of these trends under or overrated ? Is it something that a simple casual normal girl like me is willing to try or no ?

So keep on reading because this is going to be an amazing blog.

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Yes red lipsticks are back as i mentioned in my previous beauty blog you can check here. Even if i love a good lip gloss i can’t deny the magic about a beautiful red lipstick.

This time it is not only a red lipstick that is making a scene but the combination of a red lipstick and a lip liner for a more bold look , let me tell you this is turning heads. we are going back to the 90s vibes but this time it is more elegant and the colors are just bomb !! love this, as a person who love her lip gloss this is something i am willing to try because you can never go wrong with a good lipstick so for me it is a 10/10.

here is my favorite from Revlon, tried once it gives a rich red vibe , shop it here:


Even if most of the trends are extra and requires a heavy full coverage makeup as seen on many fashion shows but also most people are gravitating towards minimal makeup you know that non makeup look. This has been trending for a while and i think it is here to stay because people are learning to love more their natural look than wearing 10 layers of products at the same time ( which i am okay with by the way YOU DO YOU ) but if you are not into makeup this could be perfect for you. You can achieve this look by using just good skincare products, some concealer to hide those blemishes, mascara, a good eyeliner with some neutral colors on your lids with a nude lip gloss and you are good to go.

If you know me in real life you know my love for minimal makeup so this is a yes for me !! always !! This my to go look for everyday so this trend is 10/10 and i can tell it is not going anywhere.


I have been seeing this trend a lot on the internet and i must admit when i first saw this i didn’t know how to feel about this ? It is like walking around with no eyebrows if it is something you are willing to try give it a shot and let me know, if you don’t want to go the extra mile you can use your concealer to make your eyebrows look bleached or make them disappear instead of actual bleaching them but being a honest this is a 2/10 for me .

Not trying it !! How do you feel about this trend ? Let me know in the comment section.


Eye liner never went out of style but this year it is back and better they are so many looks you can create with an eyeliner it can be a simple cat eyeliner look , a siren eye look which you can create by applying an eyeliner at the inner and outer corner of the eye and to be honest this is my favorite trend and i am willing to give it a try ( already started lol).

There is something about it that brighten up the whole look so tell me bestie how much would you rate this trend ? For me it is a 10/10.


The last trend i want to share with you is the pastel makeup look which is made of bright colors on your eyelid, with this last trend you are allowed to go off and bold with those neon bright colors you wouldn’t dare try in the past years.

This pastel makeup look is believed to be vibrant and build that confidence but personally this is something i wouldn’t wear. I am more of neutral and very calm makeup i would give this trend a 7/10 even though i wouldn’t wear this look but i think it looks pretty and unique.

Those are the few of the many makeup trends that are killing it in 2023 which one are you willing to try in this summer? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this blog this far , i highly appreciate your support it pushes me to keep creating content so see you next week in another bomb blog, xoxo !!

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