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Welcome back to another blog today we are talking about shopping ( my favorite sport lol) not any shopping but beauty shopping which include skincare and makeup.

Last time i did a blog about my favorite online stores and you guys loved it you can read it here so today i decided to do a more specific one and i know you will also love this one.

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I love everything makeup skincare, I can spend years without buying shoes or bags but I will make sure to grab some few beauty products once in a while so if you are a beauty guru shopaholic like me here are 5 beauty store you need to check and buy from if you haven’t already.


The first shop i will share with you is GOOD LIFE , it is new in town and from the moment i shopped there i became their biggest fan. They are located at the SILVER BLACK MALL – SONATUBE and they have so many products ranging from beauty to wellness, you can find makeup, skincare, haircare, perfumes etc., not only that they also have the kid section which makes it more interesting.

The first thing i love about GOODLIFE is their variety in products , they have so many brands you can choose from and their prices are for everyone, if you want affordable you can find it if you love luxurious brand like L’ OREAL you are covered so it is the VARIETY for ME.

The second thing I love about GOOD LIFE is that they have a pharmacy inside the store, isn’t that amazing? Like if you are shopping for skincare you can also grab some vitamins or even pills inside the store so it is THE CREATIVITY for ME.

I highly recommend GOOD LIFE not only they have most of everything but also their staff is amazing they can assist you with anything so it is a 10/10 for me.


Miniso Rwanda makeup products
miniso Rwanda products

If you follow me on Instagram you know my love for MINISO Rwanda not only i love their beauty/ skincare section but also some of their other products like the last time i was there i got a cute mirror.

Miniso is the best spot for affordable and great quality makeup products , I got so many products from them you can check the whole blog here and they were all my favorites especially THE MASCARA it is bomb ( i still have it).

So if you are looking for makeup products like eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara this is my first plug , with 20k you will leave with so many things.

I highly recommend this store, it is very easy to shop at, has reasonable prices and they have tester products which allows you to try the product before you buy from there so it is also a 10/10 for me.


The third beauty store i recommend today is TC WELLNESS never bought from them but I will in this year, AMEN !

I came across this brand through Instagram and i love how they share skincare information it’s like they guide you on what to buy and why. I know how stressful it can be when you are starting of in your beauty journey and you don’t know what to buy so this is the brand to go to because they will walk you thru the process.

The thing I love about this store is their educational post ,I learn a lot from their Instagram so it is A WIN for me i love buying from people that know what they are doing also their physical store is the cutest. They are located near Rwandex so make sure you check them out.

The best plug for skincare routine, to be honest if you want to build an effective skincare routine this is the plug like they have so many amazing brands plus i believe they will guide you through the journey, i can’t wait to shop from them, it is a 10/10 for me.


Asos is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. The company was founded in 2000 in London, primarily aimed at young adults. source WIKEPEDIA

So in few word it’s an online store to be honest this would have been my first choice but the delivery process is nerve wrecking. They have so many brands and their prices are just WOW !!!! SUPER AFFORDABLE, with 30k you can buy a whole skincare kit while in Rwanda that can get you only one product so if you love affordability like me this is the plug.

The only issue is their shipping that takes forever but if you want them to be quick make sure you check on them every two weeks, it worked for me but you have to keep in mind that the minimum shipping time is 3 months so anything is possible with them.

The first thing i love about asos is their affordable prices and brands like ELF COSMETICS and garnier , you can find most of beauty products there especially when you shop from the UK site , US site has many options but they do not ship to Rwanda so remember this when you shop from there.

Another thing i love is their refund process if you don’t get your products you can always get your refund ( ps you only get the product refund without the shipping )so it is a yes for me.

Asos is a 7/10 for me you can get so many things from there but the shipment process is tiring but I still recommend this brand.

Those are my 4 favorite beauty stores that i love to shop from and would recommend to you fam, what is your favorite store for makeup and beauty product ? Let me know in the comment section , SEE YOU NEXT TIME MY LOVES XOXO !

Another important thing i loved is their customer care , they are quick to respond and their refund policy is the best.

The only thing i hate is their delayed deliveries (may be it is for Africa i don’t know ) let me know in the comments, if the deilvery was fast this would have my one and only store to buy from.

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