Have you been trying to have a silk, soft and glowing skin in one step ? Today on the blog I am sharing with you one of the secret that can help you achieve it in just a short period of time.

When I started taking deep care of my skin my main goal was and still is to have a beautiful, even , soft and glowing skin through the process I have tested different methods and products and here is one major thing I learned “ body exfoliation using a body scrub is key in your skincare routine” I know you may not be familiar with the word exfoliation and body scrub, how is it done and what does it have to do with having a beautiful skin ? Today on the blog I am answering all the questions and sharing with you few tips I learned through the process.


To start exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin , normally your body remove dead skin after 30 days or so but if they don’t totally shade it may end up becoming a dull and patchy skin like when you don’t exfoliate your feet properly you see that there is a formation of another thick layer that is why we need to exfoliate.


Exfoliation can be done in so many ways: physical, chemical exfoliation and today we are mainly focusing on the physical exfoliation which can be done with DIY body scrubs, you can also do your physical exfoliation with a cleansing scrubs, dry brushes, loofahs etc…

I love body scrubs and I am 100% sure that at the end of this blog you will make yourself or buy one at your favorite store, try this you will never regret it.


Before i start preaching about why you need a body scrub in your shower routine let’s first see its benefits and why you need to exfoliate:

  • It helps remove the remaining dead cells on your skin.
  • It promote the absorption of body lotions and other skin care products : when you remove all the dead cells from your skin it makes it easy to absorb other products you put on your skin which lead to a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Regular exfoliation can help you decrease breakout and clogged pores : when removing dead skin you also minimize the breakouts ( by decreasing excessive oils).


There is so many tips and tricks out there but I personally think that you should exfoliate once a week ( like I do) , when you exfoliate to many times it may end up irritating your skin so be gentle with yourself. As I mentioned in the previous section exfoliation remove excess oil if you have a dry skin and exfoliate everyday you may end up removing the few remaining oil you had so I highly suggest you stick to one day per week exfoliation.

Now that we know the role of exfoliation the next step is to make our own DIY SUGAR BODY SCRUB.


There is so many DIY body scrub idea but the one i personally use and does the job for me is the sugar scrub which is easy to make and very effective.


  • sugar ( you measure depending on how much you want I usually make one I can use twice and after first use I store it in the fridge, if you don’t have a fridge make a scrub you will use at that moment).
  • olive oil or coconut oil ( depends on your liking choose between the 2 oils, I go for the olive oil because it is easy to find) 2 tablespoon maybe enough depending on the quantity of the sugar, be careful with this don’t make it more liquidly.
  • lemon juice ( i love what the lemon juice does with it’s brightening property if you have dark spots or scars this is your savior and it also contain vitamin C which is good for your skin too) you go for a half lemon it does the job.

And that’s it , that’s the recipe make sure you use it in your shower, you first wash your body with a cleansing soap and then go in with the body scrub and finish with a shower gel to add a little moisture to your skin.

I did a whole tutorial on my Instagram make sure you click here to watch.

If you don’t want to make one you can buy one at your local super market , if you are in Kigali T2000 and Monaco cosmetics ( trying their product really soon) which is also located in the T2000 building is the best spot. But if you want my opinion go for a natural handmade scrub it does the job.

When you try this I promise it will do a big change on your skin and make sure you exfoliate every week , be consistent for the best results.

That was my tip for today, do you use body scrubs? If not this is the right time and to do and if you do which one do you use? Let me know in the comment section. See you in the next blog xoxo.

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