Different types of skin and undertones

Today on the blog we are talking about different types of skin and undertones. This is something i wanted to do for a long time but always found an excuse to postpone it but now i feel like i want to share this with you.

I believe that knowing your skin type is very important if you want to have a healthy skin or when you want to start a skin care routine so in this blog i will try to share with you all that i know about skin type, undertones and which products are good for each skin type.

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We are starting with the different type of skin, after doing my research i found out that they are 4 skin types but you will find some sites with 5 skin types which i am going to explain below.

The basic skin types are normal, dry, oily and combination skin , we also have the sensitive skin which is believed to be the fifty skin type.


The first skin type is the normal skin which is neither too oily nor too dry, it is a well balanced skin type.

Normal skin has a balanced sebum production and blood circulation. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by the sebaceous gland found in the skin.

This skin type is characterized mostly by fine pores, no blemishes, no breakouts and it is not prone to sensitivity.

All i can say is that people with this type of skin are lucky and blessed because it is a beautiful skin that doesn’t require a lot of care.


As i said before this type of skin doesn’t require a lot of attention but it doesn’t mean you should neglect skin care. Here what you need to do is to have a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water and have a basic skin care regime.

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The second skin type we are seeing in this blog post is the dry skin. This type of skin produce low sebum than normal skin, it also lacks the lipids that it needs to retain the moisture.

The dry skin looks dull, feels tight and rough and has low skin elasticity.


As i said earlier the secret to have a healthy and glowing skin is TO DRINK WATER no matter your skin type.

MOISTURIZE : Another important tip for people with dry skin is to moisturize your skin regularly to keep it hydrated.

USE SUNSCREEN : sunscreen is not only for dry skin instead it is recommended for all skin types, make sure you apply your sunscreen so that you prevent your skin from dehydration.

BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN : be careful of the products you use on your skin if you have a dry skin, some products can rip even the small of sebum production that you have and this can make your skin even more dry.

AVOID TOO MUCH EXFOLIATION : Exfoliation is really good for the skin but don’t over do it. Some people exfoliate daily but i suggest you do it once a week or even once in 2 weeks. Too much exfoliation can also affect the production of sebum so be careful with this one.


The oily skin is due to the high production of sebum , it is characterized by a glossy shine, visible pore and it is prone to blackheads,white heads and other form of acne.

Having high production of sebum can be caused by hormonal change, climate change and genes ( if people in your family have oily skin you have big chances to have one too).

I think i belong to the oily skin family , i used to have a combined skin but recently i think my skin is oily.


The basic is drinking water, healthy lifestyle and the additional part is washing your face daily which all the skin type should do too but if you have an oily skin this is a must.

If you have this type of skin make sure you use products for oily skin to avoid breakouts.


The forth type of skin is the combination skin which is a mix of dry and oily skin.

How can you differentiate an oily and a combined skin ?

This is something a lot of people asked me about and it is simple. When you have an oily skin the whole face is oily but for the combined skin you will find that the oily part is the T ZONE and the rest of the face is dry.

T zone is the area of you forehead, nose and chin , people with combined skin tend to have high sebum production in those areas and other parts of the face is dry.


Another type of skin is the sensitive skin. If your skin reacts to different type of products or food you have a sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin need to be careful with the type of products they use and also food they consume because the sensitivity can be caused either by an external or internal factor so watch out !!!

Which is your skin type after reading this ?


Now that we know the different type of skin we are going to see also the different type of undertones, but firstly what is an undertone and why do you need to know the different types?

An undertone is the color from underneath the surface of your skin that affects your overall hue.

There is also a difference between a skin undertone and a skin tone.

Well a skin tone is the surface skin color and the undertone is the subtle color beneath that skin tone.

Knowing your skin undertone is very helpful when you are trying to buy some foundation or even lipstick. Have you ever bought a foundation that matches your skin tone but when applying it it doesn’t come out right ? Most of the time this is due to your skin undertone that is why you need to know more about them.

Some brands have made it easy and you will find their foundation with the skin undertone on the bottle for example you will find the cool undertone labeled on it.

There are three types of undertones : cool, warm, and neutral. Down below i am going to go in details for each one and how you can determine your own undertone.

Here is how you can know your skin undertone by using different materials.


The first method that can help you determine your skin undertone is by looking at your blood veins. How does your blood veins look under your skin ? Are they blue, purple or greenish ?

If your blood veins look greenish (like mine) you have a warm tone, if they look blue or purple you have a cool undertone.

If they are neither blue or green you mostly have a neutral undertone.


The next thing that can help you determine your undertone is your jewelries.

Between gold and silver jewelry which one looks better on you? Do you look beautiful and attractive in gold or silver ? Which one attracts you more ?

If you look very attractive in gold your skin undertone is warm, if you look better in silver yours is cool undertone.

Those are the two basic things that can help you know your undertone.

Now that you know your skin type and undertone make sure you buy makeup and beauty products that matches your skin.

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GLOW AND BE GREAT,see you in the next blog xoxo.

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