8 beauty brands to try in 2020

The beauty world has been evolving a lot in this past decade, a lot of beauty brands have been arising and making some incredible changes and creating amazing products along the way.

Today on the blog i decided to share with you 8 beauty brands you need to try in 2020.

The brands i am go to share in this blog post are local and international beauty brands.

I used some of them and there are others that i would love to try in this year.

Let’s get started !

8 beauty brands to try in 2020


My first brand to try in 2020 is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. I never used a fenty product but it is on the top of my goal list of this year.

Fenty Beauty was launched in September 2017 and it has been making incredible changes in the beauty world by creating inclusive products for all the skin types.

They are known for their pro filt ‘r Foundation which has 50 shades and it is one the thing that makes Fenty Beauty an outstanding brand.

Fenty Beauty was named one of the time magazine’s best invention in 2017.

Products you should try from Fenty Beauty first it’s their Pro filt’r Foundation and it is very affordable.

Their lip glosses are amazing and affordable.

Their highlighters are BOMB

The Fenty Primer is also a must try because it has been receiving a lot of good review.


Zerufi organics is a Rwandan based brand that provides natural skin care and hair care products.

buy ZERUFI organics through Kasha

I discovered this brand through Kasha which is an online e commerce , check more about Kasha by clicking on the link here kasha-event-recap-make-up-tutorial-and-tips-event/

I became a fan of Zerufi organics when i started using their honey and oatmeal soap.

They have variety of products face serum, body soap, hair products if you are in Kigali and you are looking for a natural body or hair product check them out.

Make sure to check them out at Kasha Rwanda and Kasha Kenya website.


OMG the love i have for Huda Beauty is endless, i love this brand to death.

Huda Beauty was launched in 2013 by Huda Kattan and i love this woman she is one of the hard working and inspiring woman i look up to.

They have different products ranging from foundation , fake eyelashes , concealer and eye shadow palettes.

There is also a Huda beauty skin care line coming soon , i am here for this and i bet their products will be BOMB.

I had the chance to use their foundation and it’s full coverage and it blends well into the skin you need to try it.

These are the products from Huda Beauty you need to try this year.

First their foundation , you can shop them here

Their Mercury Retrograde palette is a must try

They have other amazing products make sure you check their website for more.


Ilia Beauty is known for their clean makeup line.

Their products are made from natural organics and if you are looking for a clean makeup brand , this is the choice for you.

I was able to use their lip liner and i loved it.

Here is some of the products from Ilia that you need to try.


It is a burundian cosmetic brand created by 2 beautiful ladies.

Nabira cosmetics

I discovered this brand through a friend instagram page and i instantly started to follow them.

They have an eye shadow palette called CITY GIRLS when i saw the name it gave me the CITY GIRL PERIODT VIBE and i need to try this brand for real.

city girls palette – Nabira Cosmetics

Make sure to check their website here https://nabiracosmetics.com to get your CITY GIRLS palette , lipsticks and support our fellow sisters.


This brand is best known for their brow products and was founded by Anastasia Soare.

I discovered this brand when they collaborated with our Melanin Queen JACKIE AINA and created an eye shadow palette that i am dying to try.

Here is the Jackie Aina Eye Shadow Palette make sure you purchase it :


This one of the brands that i used for quite a while and i just love their products.

If you are looking for affordable , cruelty free and high quality product this is your brand.

I was able to use their lip liners, lip glosses and mascara and i absolutely love them.

Shine Shine lip gloss to shop Here :



Glow Force is a Rwandan brand created by Cheymuv a Rwandan Youtuber.

They produce natural , luxurious products for body and hair. They have a facial serum, body lotion , clay mask.

glow force facial serum

I never tried their products and i must say that it is among my beauty goals this year.

I knew this brand because i have been following Cheymuv for a while and WOW i just love her content and her products looks like their worthy a try.

Check out their website here to get yourself some goodies shopglowforce.com

Those are my 8 beauty brands that i need to try in 2020 hope i inspired you to do the same.

Have you learned from this blog ? Share with me your favorite brands in the comment section below xoxo

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