Hello fam ! Today on the blog i am sharing with you 5 easy shopping tips every girl needs to know.

The shopping tips are more about shopping clothing items if you want to know about tips on shopping beauty items check this blog.

I decided to write about this because in the past i used to struggle a lot with shopping clothing items.

The most thing i struggled with was buying things that i only wore once and very expensive.

Another thing i struggled with was spending the whole day moving around and end up buying nothing which is a waste of time and money.

If you are looking for a way to shop and save money and your precious time grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.


First thing first before you go shopping is to know what your personal style.

Are you casual or trendy?

Are you into colors or neutrals?

Knowing your personal style is going to help you to identify what you really need to buy and where to get them.

There is so many choices to the market when you are not sure of what you really want you end buying things you don’t actually need so one day before you go shopping identify what you really need according to your wardrobe.

ADVICE : I personally suggest that you buy items that you can style differently, that one peice that is more versatile.

If you are a trendy person be careful you may end up buying things you will only wear once remember trends come and go so choose carefully according to what you really need.

If you want to get more basic items at a lower price go for thrift store or shop online there are so many amazing online stores.

And if you are looking for more classy and GUCCI GANG looks go for fancy stores


Another tip on how to shop like a pro – WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN !!

Yes sis ! I know most of you are like why ??

This is a very time saving method, shopping can be overwhelming sometimes moving from one shop to another is exhausting but when you have a list with you things become more easier.

This something i personally do i make my list before i even have money to go shopping lol !!! I just write down everything i need depending on the looks i want to create and also essential things i need in my wardrobe.

By the way i made a blog post about essential items every girl should have please check it out the link is here 10-wardrobe-essentials-every-girl-needs/.

By making a list it makes my shopping experience a little bit easier if you don’t feel like walking around a list in your hand save it on your phone et VIOLA !

Writing things down is going to help you in prioritizing what you actually need and eliminate extra items that are not needed.

So what are you waiting for sis ? Get that peice of paper and start making a list if you are planning to go shopping any time soon.


I know i talked about saving money in the begining but i need to tell you something.

I t is okay to spend a LOT of money on things you wear more often here i am taking about things like shoes, jeans, blazer or any other item that we wear a lot as WOMEN.

For example if your job requires you to always wear blazers you need a lot of blazers that will last longer and those type of blazer are very expensive so yeah YOU NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON THAT !!

If you are a more basic person that wear black pants and jeans most of the time you need those outstanding pieces etc….

When it comes to this point you need to focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY but if it’s just a trend or an occasional item ( something that you will wear once or twice) i suggest you consider buying something less expensive.


This is also an important thing you need to take into consideration.

Don’t just go shopping during your 1 hour lunch break you may end up buying whatever because you don’t have time to explore all the options.


10 easy way to shop like a pro

While making your monthly plan also remember to add your shopping time if you are planning to go shopping.

Pick the best time when you are free don’t shop when you are upset, bored you may go home with things that will never get out of your wardrobe.

Having a plan is time saving and also makes you do a budget for your shopping and it is also a way of being more organized.

Here i shared 5 tips on how to stay organized click through sis /5-tips-to-stay-organized/


The last tip is go with your most trusted friend or someone you share the same style.

Going with the wrong company may lead to a very bad shopping experience i experienced this once.

Whenever i go shopping i go with someone that i trust their opinions i hate going with someone that only have negativity in their head you may end up buying things you don’t like for the sake of pleasing that other person.

Remember the items you are going to buy are for YOU not THEM so sis be careful with the type of company you go shopping with.

That is all for today ! Was this blog post helpful? Let me know in the comment section xoxo

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