What’s up guys ! hope you are all doing great, as I promised today I am going to share with you my experience to Musanze.

I hope that at the end of this blog post I will give you reasons why you should visit this place.

Last Friday I went to Musanze, I had a wedding to attend on Saturday and I was so thrilled to go because Musanze is one of my favorite place to visit in Rwanda.

It was my second trip there and I had the best time of my life.

I left my home around 5 PM to take the bus to Musanze and when I arrived at Nyabugogo bus station it was a mess we had tickets ( me and my friends) of 7: 30 PM and the bus arrived at 8 almost 9 PM and I was so pissed not because of the delay but we also had to fight our way into the bus.

Why am I saying this ?

I am not trying to be shady towards the bus agency “ VIRUNGA”( sorry not sorry) but the experience we had me other passengers it was due to their bad management, poor customer care service and ignorance.

Because when we even told them about the problem they ignored us and act as if they didn’t care and that was not fair.

Another thing is that other people experienced the same thing from this agency on different days which means that it something they do so much often and it needs to stop, they need to be serious and respect their customers.

I suggest that if you are planning to go to Musanze you should try other agencies like FIDELITY ( i had an amazing experience with them), DIFFERENT, RITCO etc..

Anyways lets go back to our story !

We reached Musanze around 00:00 am I was so sleepy and tired but it didn’t stop me from going out with my cousins and some friends.

we turned up!

I stayed in Musanze for 3 days and it pushed me to write this post because I am going to share with you 4 places you should visit in Musanze.


The first thing I love about Musanze is that it is a small city but full of things to explore. It is clean and people from Musanze are very lovely,nice, welcoming and love to party.

The first place I love in Musanze is the AFRICAN BAR ( AFRICANO) if you love music, dancing , partying up till dawn this is the place to go. The music is good and the place looks amazing.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go there this time but last year i had the chance to party there and guys hahah !!!! this is the place is amazing.

There so many night clubs in Musanze but if you are looking for a chic one go to AFRICANO.


Another place to go to for a hangout it is SUPER COUPE a lengendary place in Musanze.

They are known for their live bands performance ( IGISOPE) and it is lit even thought I don’t love igisope I danced like crazy.

You can watch the video on my Instagram in my igtv section click to watch the video here .

If you love oldies ( old skul music) this is a place to go to. Their food is great and they are very kind.


The third place I love in Musanze is LA PAILLOTTE I don’t know if it is a café or restaurant , bar but all I know is that their food is delicious and affordable.

I loved their Pizza bdw if you want to have some pizza in Musanze check la PAILLOTTE they are very known for their incredible pizza.

Their anterior design is gorgeous whenever i am there i take pictures i can’t help myself !


All i can say about this place is that LA PAILLOTTE IS THE BEST RESTAURANT IN MUSANZE PERIODT !!!


This lodge is my favorite lodge in Musanze and it is a 4 stars luxury hotel in Musanze.

It is located a little bit far from the city if i can say and it takes like 30 – 25 minutes to get there but it is worthy !

You can watch my experience to Classic hotel by clicking on this link MY TRIP TO MUSANZE VLOG

It is huge , has a beautiful view you can see the volcanoes from there.

An amazing swimming pool , beautiful garden I mean this place is a must visit and their food is breath taking !!!

It is also affordable when it comes to the food and the swimming pool the rooms are a little bit pricey but It is worthy !!

Those were the places i was able to visit during my trip to Musanze i bet there are so many place to visit in Musanze and i promise i will share them with you when i go back.

Check my Instagram for more about this trip by watching my igtv video

For now if you have any suggestion please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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