How to maintain self control

As a person struggling with anxiety and overthinking I sometimes feel like my life is not my own , I tend to let situations, social media and people around me influence and control me mostly in my decision making which end up making me feel like I am not in control.

Having self control is learning to be the master of your life and it is not only good for your lifestyle but also it can be a driving force to success, for example when you master the art of controlling yourself when it comes to your emotions, how you deal with situations, money or even diet the more you are likely to be productive in your everyday life and I know it is hard to maintain that discipline.

The more I become aware of how self control can impact my life, my strength, weaknesses and triggers I understand that it all start in my head a.k.a mind, it all start with your thoughts. Even if we hate to admit it most of us are products of our past, some events broke and traumatized us which lead to habits that made self control hard.

For example if you have been body shamed of being skinny you automatically start to think on how you can gain weight to fit in and with all that pressure you are willing to try anything to fit in and here self control can be really hard. Other event in our lives make us strong and create a confident side of who we are all this to say whatever response, reaction or decision we make in our lives it all start with how we think.

When you live so much in your head especially letting what hurt you define you , you end up letting your scared, traumatized and unhealed self take control and that’s how most of the time you feel unsatisfied with your life and loss control .

So how do you overcome that? How do you take back your control ?

If you have been feeling like a stranger in your own life asking yourself why it is always hard for you to have control over a certain thing, today on the blog I am sharing with you tips that helped me gain back my control and live a life of so without further due let’s dive in.


One of the things that helped me in my self wellness journey was going back to the why i was feeling the way i was feeling , understanding myself and looking for solutions from within. There so many toxic habits that we can break by only understanding why we behave the way we behave. You want to gain back your control start by understanding why you don’t have self control. Emotional intelligence is key in everything !!!!

As i love to say in my blogs you can’t treat the symptoms without knowing the cause so if you have been feeling like you are out of control start by asking yourself : Why do I feel like this ? What makes me feel like this ? Every time you have a feeling of less control be more mindful and document each moment. The more you tune in with yourself the more you gain emotional intelligence.

If it is really hard to trace those feelings it is okay to ask for professional help, therapy is always a good idea to unlock any hidden potential.


If you want to feel in charge of your life start by planning and stop going with the flow. I am not against the idea of taking each day as it comes but the more you entertain that the more life and circumstance will decide for you how you live your life. As person who wants to take over her/ his life start by planning , set goals , dream and create projects not only it gives you control but it brings a feeling of joy and purpose it gives your life a direction and a cause to fight for.

One of the bad thing for people living with anxiety we hate uncertainty and change so one of the thing that keep us grounded is having a plan and a to do list, you can’t never find me without a to do list even if it is napping or just chilling I plan for it , I plan for everything it makes me feel like my life is mine , I set the rules here so no matter what plan and set them goals.

It is not too late to make goals for the year here is my simple guide on how you can plan effectively for your year, click here to read.


You want to be the author of your own story ? Surround yourself with people that motivate and uplift you. You become who you associate with , the more you spend time with negative people the more negative and toxic you become. The more you spend time with creative and successful people the more you strive to do so, watch your surroundings.

I don’t care if it is family or friends that you have to cut off this is your sign to do so choose what motivate and uplift you this is very important.


I will never stop preaching about this because it really changed my life , sis have a routine don’t just randomly go with your day not only it makes you feel in control but it also helps in boosting your mood. The more you are in control the more you are happy and productive.

You can start by setting which time you wake up and when you sleep, what activities you do after waking up and before you sleep make sure you do things that relax your mind and prepare you for what is ahead.

When setting a routine make sure you stay away from your phone and social media the less time you spend on those apps that drains and control the more you are in control and productive.

Not only having a routine is fancy but through it you learn how to self regulate , how to spend your time wisely and the more you do so the more you feel in control and in order of a routine to be successful you have to be consistent with , the more you show up for yourself the more you grow and elevate.

Here are other few things you can learn about having a routine, click here to read.


Resting is key for your overall wellness sometimes when we make decisions depending on fatigue or even social pressure we end making wrong ones so whatever you do in life make sure you rest and set boundaries.

In your plans prioritize rest, a good night of sleep , hours or even day of social media break, read a book , go for a walk just relax it will also help you to reset. Resting is key in maintain a life of self control and that’s on periodt !!!

When it comes to pressure boundaries is really needed , when you set boundaries you determine what get in and out of your life, what breaks you and what doesn’t , setting boundaries is a form of self regulation which leads to self control.

The more you learn how to set boundaries the more you learn how to react to some situations which helps in self control.

Those are my basic tips that you can apply to your everyday life and i promise if you do you will see a drastic change in your life. What else do you think can you help you in maintaining a life of self control ? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for tuning in and reading the blog this far , your support means a lot to me keep coming here and let’s grow and glow together. See you in another blog xoxo.

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