4 reason why you should visit Fazenda Sengha - Rwanda

Since 2022 I have made a commitment to myself to go for new experiences and try things that scares me, I decided to be bold and dare to try things that the ordinary me would have never have imagined. The younger me used to be very conservative, anxious, always acting from a place of comfort zone, doing new things always scared me which started changing when I started my healing and self discovery journey because I knew that if I wanted to be a better version of myself I had to put myself out there, try new experience and explore the world.

Viviane Marie France – blogger/ content creator

I have done so many exciting things like going for a hike, you can watch the whole experience here, I started exercising, going out more, I even did karaoke, sang my favorite song in front of people you know something that was on this year Wishlist and recently I decided to face my biggest fear which is height ( I am afraid of heights for real, I cant see myself living in an apartment at the 11th floor, that would never be me lol) so I decided to face that fear through ziplining at Fazenda Sengha you can watch the whole experience here as well, and today I decided to write this blog to share and review my experience at Fazenda Sengha and to be an inspiration to go for amazing and memorable experience.

In this blog i will give you 4 reasons why you should visit Fazenda Sengha while also sharing my thoughts about the whole experience so let’s jump right into it.


First of all Fazenda Sengha is the right option if you want to get outside of the noisy town and just relax through different activities, even though it is located in Kigali, Nyamirambo at Mont Kigali it is somehow far away from the city traffic and busyness and from there you get to experience the tranquility and the beautiful view of Kigali.

the beautiful view at Fazenda Sengha
The beautiful view at Fazenda Sengha

It is an outdoor recreation center that offers different activities that I will also share in this blog, when you arrive it gives a beautiful cinematic view of the Nyabarongo river, in my experience it was very beautiful, calming, the air was so fresh and you could tell you just arrived at new location and you are about to have the best time of your life.

Pro tip: if you are planning to go there, i would suggest renting a car if you can of course afford it because it makes the transport more easy and if you can’t you can always take a motorbike it is like 15-20 min from the main Kigali town.


archery at Fazenda Sengha
Archery at Fazenda sengha

Fazenda Sengha offers different outdoors activities including horse back riding experiences, ziplines, archery, quad bikes, bungee trampoline and others. In all the activities i had the privilege to experience the ziplines and archery.

One major thing you need to know is that you have to financially plan for this trip, down below there is a picture showing the prices for each activity and if you want to enjoy more activities make sure to bring in more money and the good thing is that you get to use your money so it is worthy.

Pro tip: to save more coins or let me say to make it less expensive i would suggest to go there as a team, they provide different types of package for groups and also the experience is more entertaining if you are sharing it with people that you love so it is better to go as a group than going alone.

When we went there we took the delight package that included ziplining and archery for 18000rwf (around $14.66) which was worthy because each activity you had to do it for more than 2 rounds ( 4 rounds of ziplining and 3 rounds of archery) at each activity there are Fazenda Sengha staff ready to help you and guide you through the activity and personally they made the whole experience more fun.

Archery at Fazenda Sengha

I am planning to go back and this time i will go for horse riding and quad bikes they looked more fun to try.


Not only Fazenda Sengha offers nice outdoors activities but they also have really beautiful settings to enjoy picnics in a beautiful garden or terrace surrounded by nature and facing the Nyabarongo valley. Fresh air, lots of space to run around, which makes it a popular family destination. After different activities you can sit at their beautiful garden enjoy some fresh juice and food while the kids enjoy the nature and play around, a perfect Sunday family date.

The place is open from 09:00 am – 6:30 pm which gives you enough time to enjoy all the activities.


I can’t do any review without talking about the customer care service, this is either a win or a deal breaker for me, no matter what the business is offering when the customer care service is NOT IT trust me i am not coming back. With Fazenda Sengha it was an amazing experience with the staff, they were all polite and very nice especially the staff at the archery, they were very patient with us and we felt valued.

I would highly recommend going to Fazenda because you will have the best customer care service.

Those are my 4 reasons why you should visit Fazenda Sengha, if you want intimate time with your loved one or you just want to have fun outside of Kigali this is a place to be.

Which other place would you like me to visit? Kindly let me know in the comment section and i will be happy to visit and review the place here, see you next time xoxo !!

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