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Hello Bestie! Welcome to another blog, today we are talking about braids, how to maintain braids for a longer periods ( approximately 3 months ) in a healthy way without damaging your hair.

In this blog i will share the tips and products i personally use and i will link some of my videos to show you different tutorials on how you can do it for yourself. The goal here is to save money and grow your hair at the same time, if you didnt know your hair grow a lot when it is in protective style and not being manupulated a lot, the more you have your protective style in the more growth but it can be tricky when it is not done properly that is why i am sharing this blog with you today.

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The first thing to do if you have your braids on and you want to see growth and less breakage you have to clean your scalp mostly like once a week not only for the growth but also for hygienic purpose, nobody loves having smelly braids so sis you got to do it. There are so many ways you can do it depending on the type of braids you have or how dirty your braids are, here are some of the techniques and products i use to clean my scalp when i have braids.

  • CLEANING WITH WIPES: This is the first and simplest way you clean your braids and can be used for any type of braids especially those hairstyle you can’t easily wash like cornrows or boho braids. In this process you will just need a pair of wet wipes and clean your scalp, it will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean, it will not remove all the dirt but minimize it and it also help with the smell. You can do this method once a week it will help you a lot. For the wipes i always go for baby wipes they are more practical.
  • WASHING YOUR BRAIDS WITH A SHAMPOO & PRE CONDITIONER: The next way you can keep your braids clean is through a regular braids wash routine. This is very effective but the disadvantage is that it leaves knots at the root of the braids which becomes very stressful while taking down your braids it can lead to hair breakage depending on how you take your braids out so you have to be super careful. I did so many braid wash tutorials on my channel you can check it here.


The next most important part of maintaing healthy braids is moisturizing your scalp, one key tip you need to know is that a healthy scalp equals healthy hair growth and to maintain a healthy scalp moisturizing is key.

Moisturizing your scalp while having your braids help with decreasing hair breakage and fight against dandruff and having a dry scalp. You can moisturize your scalp at least once a week and here are some of the moistuirizing products i can recommend:

  • SCALP STIMULATOR BY GLOWFORCE: Glowforce has an amazing scalp oil infused with weet almond oil, castor oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. The potent mix of strengthening avocado oil and nourishing sweet almond oil penetrate deep into the hair shaft for intense moisture and shine. And this product is real that GIRL lol ! You can shop it here.
  • Clove & chebe butter from Marlynn: this is another product i love so much not only it is very moisturizing but also you can use it to do your twists. You can read more about it here.
hair butter review by STYLED BY FRANCE
  • Sheen spray from Africa pride: Another amazing product you can add to your braid care routine is the anti dandruff sheen spray from African pride which helps a lot with fighting dandruff, i used to struggle with having so many dandruff and this product was a game changer, you can shop it here.


Last but not least you need a braid maitenance routine, i noticed that most of the time when we have braids we think it’s cool now we wont have to brush or twist our hair everyday and we just treat our braids anyhow and sis let me tell you, when your hair is in a protective style that’s when your hair needs more care and treatment and having a consistent routine will help you not only in growth but also in hygiene so sis stop neglecting your hair.

Some of the key element to add in your routine there is sleeping with a silk bonnet every night, clean your braids or refresh them every other week, apply some spray and foaming mousse for more shine and freshness you know make sure you are intentional with your braids as you are with your skincare routine.

Those are my simple tips on how to maintain your braids in a health way, which one can you add on? Let me know in the comment section. See you in another blog xoxo.

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