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Today we are reviewing the famous Aloe Vera Gel by AMI BODY ORGANICS and not only i am sharing my review but i am also sharing tips and key benefits of using aloe vera gel for both your hair and skin but before we get into that make sure you are caught up in other review linked down below :


If you have been reading my blogs you know I always start with knowing the brand behind the product, knowing the brand and what it stands for helps a lot so I suggest before you buy any product you get to know the brand history, the ingredients and if the brand is legally approved , not every product on the market is healthy for you so make sure you do a little bit of digging.

AMI BODY ORGANICS is a Rwandan brand that was created by two beautiful sister Aisha and Amina in 2018, they offer Natural and Organic skin and hair products. Their products are plant based and are uncompromised in their natural healing state with the motto “GENTLE BY NATURE“. At Ami body organics they believe in natural and organic lifestyle and have a physical store at Prince house in Remera.

I got to know this brand through Instagram and thanks to Peacine one of the most talented content creator in Rwanda and I always wanted to work with them or even try their products and I recently did.

The first product i got to try from them was this aloe vera gel we are reviewing today and i got it from the cultural night during the #womendeliver23 conference in July and i have been using one bottle since then, it’s been three months and i think it is the right time to share the tea.

I bought this product because I was struggling with a lot of breakouts , my skin was going through it , nothing was working and i wanted something that can help ASAP so that’s how i discovered the Aloe Vera gel.



The aloe vera gel comes into a clear white plastic container of 250 gr that is recyclable and travel friendly, on the package you find the name of the product , the brand, the contact information and social media handles as well. The package also contains information such the storage guidelines ( to be stored in a cool dry place), the usage and some of the remedies it provides.

For the package i will give it a 10/10 i love a package that provides all the information cause i love reading and knowing what i am getting into also for a made in Rwanda brand they did an amazing job with the branding.


aloe vera gel by Ami body organics

This soothing gel is made of natural aloe vera that plays a big role in having healthy hair and skin as i mentioned in my previous product review of the aloe vera face mask you can read it here.

Some of the key benefits of Aloe vera you need to know are:

  • Fights acne : it fights acne by reducing the oil production in your skin , we all know that breakouts are due to having excess oil produced so the aloe vera gel helps with that.
  • Soothe sunburn : Aloe Vera is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties due to the antioxidants like ALOIN found in the gel that provide protective barrier for the skin which soothe pain, minimize redness and promote the healing process. You can use it to relieve sunburns , water burns or any form of burns.
  • Ease skin irritation : thanks to it’s soothing property it is used to decrease skin irritation
  • Soothes psoriasis flares up
  • Can be used as a hair treatment and anti dandruff

For the ingredients i will give a 10/10 because it is all natural , if you want to apply all natural products i highly recommend this aloe vera gel from AMI body organics.


I use this soothing gel for both my skin and hair , for the hair i use it a hair conditioner and let me tell you it does wonder.


The aloe vera gel plays two function firstly I use it as a gel after washing my face and i apply it directly before applying any other product and it helps with reducing the face oil which leads to decreasing of skin breakout and acne. After the application you feel skin tighten and dry so you can either go in with a light moisturizer to ease up the dryness ( having a super dry skin is not healthy as well so that’s why it is advisable to keep it balanced).

The second role of my Aloe vera soothing gel is that I also use it after shaving , Aloe vera is known to be gentle and very hydrating so after shaving I also apply it helps with smoothening the skin and reduce skin irritation.

aloe vera gel by Ami body organics


At first i was hesitant to put it in my hair i was like huh what if it doesn’t work, even though i have natural hair and love being all natural i hate the combing part it always give me a headache so my mama always advised to use Aloe vera it does help with having smooth and easy to comb here but you know i thought she was exaggerating until I tried for myself and let me tell you it is the TRUTH !!!

So i use this aloe vera gel for my hair as hair treatment before washing my hair so here is how i do it :

  • 1 step : I start with dividing my hair into section to make sure that i apply the product to all my hair
  • 2 step : I apply the gel from the roots to the ends , i apply this to my hair before washing it
  • 3 step : I then twist my hair and leave the gel there for 15 min – 30 minutes and then I proceed to my normal hair wash routine.

And let me tell you after the application your hair becomes smooth , thick , easy to comb and the best thing your curls are more defined after this and on top of the list it makes the hair wash and combing process more enjoyable.

So if you have the type of hair that is very hard to manage I will suggest you try this aloe vera gel and you will tell me later.

For the application and the role i will give this product a 10/10 i love a multi purpose product and it really does the job.


Does this product work or it is just another review? In my experience it does work and i am going to share with you the positive and the negative.


The comments I am going to share with you is from my experience if you used this product and you had a different reaction or outcome please share in the comments.

  • IT REDUCED MY FACE OIL : I used to have a very oily skin to the point i will apply a powder and after 10 minutes my face will be oily and shiny but since i started using this product my face is not oily. I would highly recommend this product for someone who has a super oily skin it can help with reducing the oil and avoid acne breakouts.
  • FIGHTS ACNE : It helped in my journey of being acne free by reducing the oil it also reduce the chance of breaking out. Not to say i am acne free i still breakout here and there especially when i sleep on a dirty pillow or let my hair touch my skin. All this to say i have a really sensitive skin and it requires me to be very cautious about everything but apart from that this aloe vera gel is really doing the thing.


  • DOESN’T HELP 100 % WITH THE SCARS : Yes it does help fighting the acne but with the scars of previous breakouts it takes time so you either get a product for that or you give it time to heal and disappear.
  • LEAVE YOUR SKIN SUPER DRY :I won’t consider this as a negative side because for the people with oily skin it is a yes for them but if you have normal to dry skin i will not recommend using this gel because it will remove the little oil you even have. So it is very advisable to apply a moisturizer on top to avoid extra dryness.

For the effectiveness it is a 10/10 it does everything it says it does and i am very satisfied with this product.


Yes if you have really oily skin and break out a lot i will suggest you go for this aloe vera gel and if you want to restore a little bit of moisture you can go in with a very light moisturizer or even Vitamin E.

The review ends here and enjoyed this one and trying Ami body organics was the best thing ,to be honest it feels good to try a brand for the first time and have a nice experience. yeah !! that was today’s blog hope i will see you next time in another blog, xoxo !!

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