The Queen of Confidence and Self love is back !!! And today we are talking about how to boost your confidence through positive self talk and affirmations there are so many ways you can do it but today we are talking about positive self talk and affirmations.

Building confidence is not something you do one time and then BOOM you are confident it is something that requires lot of inner work, healing , reassessing yourself and always being intentional with yourself.

when i started building my confidence i first started with building self love you can read it here, and then i proceeded with understanding the way i am which is healing and through healing i got to understand that to be the best version of myself i need to keep on working on my confidence and i keep on learning along the way and let me tell you it is one one way straight to build your confidence it is a PROCESS.

I also did another blog about how you can build your confidence you can read it here.


Daily affirmations are the best way you can improve your overall confidence and here are how you can incorporate them in your everyday routine:


I am a vivid believer that how you spend the first hour of your day determines how you going to spend the rest of the day so I love to make sure that the first hours of my day are filled with positivity and i suggest you do the same if you want to be more confident.

On this tip you can start the day by listening to self affirmation songs, videos or even podcasts after your prayer ( if you are a believer) this will not only boost your confidence but it will also make you feel so good about yourself.

There are so many videos on this topic on YouTube so whenever you feel down and depressed listen to one of those, I also love listening to faith based videos not only they make you feel good but they also remind you of God’s love for you.


Another way to include self affirmation and positive self talk in your daily life is hanging them somewhere visible it can be your bathroom mirror, wall , door anywhere…

Just make sure you put it in a place you visit more often this will act like a reminder whenever you don’t feel like showing up.

I personally have them hang on my wardrobe door so whenever I m getting dressed up I just take a look at it and affirm myself.


Another best way to build self confidence it is through positive self talk , you have to have a positive and loving attitude about yourself if you can’t nobody will all this to say it all start with you.

I love complementing, spoiling and loving on myself so hard not because I am insecure or want people to do it for me but because I want to invest into myself. There is so much power in being kind to yourself and here is how you can do it.


I love doing this , I love complementing myself , affirming myself, for example when I get something done on my to do list I always tell myself like well done baby girl I will get you a drink when we get home. This build a fire of accomplishment and pride that nobody can take down, and when you are proud of yourself you become confident and when you do no one can break you. Start being loving and kind to yourself.


Another way to include positive self talk in your life is by being very honest with yourself , honesty doesn’t always makes us happy but it will make us better version of ourselves. In your daily life try to be more honest and true to yourself and how do you do so ?

  • Do self reflection : if you want to be more confident you have to be ready to face every single part of who you are the good and the bad. Everyday evaluate yourself and ask yourself what was my contribution in any given situation? Did i show up as the best version of myself or not ? How could I have responded to this comment ? All the self reflection exercise is going to help you know yourself on a deeper level and when you do you will become confident.
  • Avoid denial : As i mentioned in the previous part most of the time when we are healing and becoming better we tend to avoid the ugly part of ourselves like when you discover that you have a toxic traits most of the time you try to explain why you are the way you are or you try to blame it on other people for your behavior which is not okay and most of the time it keeps us in denial and we can’t improve so whenever a situation that triggers that toxic traits arise we tend to avoid it or deny it and when we do it is hard to heal and overgrow that trait. If you want to be more confident you have to be open to accept every little part of yourself , avoid denying the truth about yourself.

Those were my simple and very basic tips that can help you build up confidence by doing more inner work than outer work , I believe that who you are on the inside will definitely show up on the outside so be very open to invest and work on your inner self to be the best version of yourself.

Thank you for reading this far see you in another blog, love you xoxo!!

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