We all have different insecurities that make us feel less of ourselves and make us wish we were somebody else.

People who don’t know me will actually see me as a happy girl ,living her best life which is true but I went through a lot to love myself and i appreciate my life. That is why I took my time to let you know that no matter what the world throw in your face keep your head high and live your life.

I know there are people out there just like me that face a lot of challenges, negativity and body shaming and they end up giving up on their lives and dreams let me support this statement with my life experience.

First of all I am a black Rwandan girl , skinny as they say but i am good with it. Through my life time I have faced bullying due to my physical appearance.

I grew up thinking that I was not good enough , you know people always asking me
“ why don t you gain weight ? Why are you skinny? What is wrong with you?”

Those kind of questions made me insecure to the point that i though i was not beautiful enough and i built this big wall around me cause I didn’t want to hear what people said about me.

I know a lot of girls out there go through those kind of experience especially black girls.

They are mistreated because they don’t have this bright skin, perfect body and all of that.

Others are hated because they are geeks (that also happen).

Due to all of that i grew up thinking that I was not beautiful that to be beautiful I needed to have a light skin, have a big ass and boobs and if I didn’t t i was not beautiful .

I was not happy about the fact that I was not beautiful but I could not complain.

All i did was late night crying and spending my life hiding in my room , my refuge , the place where I felt safe and loved.

Due to all of that i ended up giving up on my dreams , I was just there not knowing what I wanted in my life cause I didn’t t have a life.

I was living someone’s life if i can say , i was afraid to be me cause i was afraid of what the world would think.

Apart from that i had friends who did not believe in me who always told me that i was too this or too that , that i needed to be like the others.

I grew up being dependent on others i always needed someone to show me the way , to help me take a decision cause the world made me believe that my opinion did not matter.

People like us actually don’t have nothing to live for, we are just here waiting for what life has to offer and we are often scared to face it.

We are scared to make a move cause we think it may turns out to be the worst decision of our lives .

I am saying this from my experience cause I used to be a person full of insecurities and fear.

I ended up pushing people away cause I knew that I was not good enough.

That even if I did my best nothing was going to change and there people out there who took advantages of my fragile heart.

Because i craved for attention and i ended up having broken heart that lead to depression.

I have been there and I know how it feels like to feel hurt, not enough and played , to be lied to , to be side chick n I am telling you it hurts.

So one night I was going through my Facebook page and I found out this page femme d influence .

It’s a great page( you should visit too cause it helped me a lot) full of testimonies of influential and important personalities.

Especially black people like Nelson Mandela , Oprah, Taraji P Henson and many others.

After watching their motivational videos i realized that my life was not that miserable.

There are people out there who went through hell and came out strong.

I realized that crying and hating myself will not help me and I felt like doing something for myself.

Something that I would be proud of , that would change my life, that will define me even wheni am gone.

I realized that I should change my life and build a life that I would be proud of.

It made me feel like no one deserved to live that kind of life so I thought about helping girls out there who are going through the same thing like me.

All those girls who are hated because of who they are , who are not invited to parties because they are lame.

To all those girls out there who are in pain and feel isolated from the world.

This your time to shine and stand out.

I cannot say that it is something that comes like that and change everything.

It requires a lot and it’s a long process and m still working on it but the first step to be a successful WOMAN is self-love.

Girls we are POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL we don t need the society to makes us feel that way.

all we need is LOVE , SELF LOVE , you ca not be able to love if you can’t love yourself , when you have love everything comes along.

I learned that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder don t you expect that all the people will find you beautiful and attractive but the right person will.

Don t go to the gym to impress those people who don t know your value go there for yourself , look good for yourself , value and love yourself.

SELF LOVE is something that took me a long time to discover but since I have started having it everything changed.

I am loving the person I have come to be.

so girls this is your time to change your life and make it better.

Learn to love yourself, love your imperfections and don t let the world discourage you.

You only have one life to live so make it worth it .

Live a life to remember.

I would like to also ask parents who are reading this to be very close with their adolescent children cause at that age they are fragile that is when they need help, love and support.

To every girl who s going through a hard time know that you are not alone, I am here for you.

I am the girl i am today because i learned that all i need to feel alive is ME .

I learned to love myself , my up and downs , my imperfections , my qualities and all of that.

Self love brought to my life light and a lot of positivity.

It made me see the world on a different angle , made me love everyone even those who are not willing to love me back .

I am no longer hiding my body cause i love MY BODY . Self love is everything.

Girls LOVE YOURSELVES and let us all empower each other.

Thanks for reading don t forget to leave a comment. xoxo

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