3 money game changer tips to try now

Since we are in June doing the Money talk series on my channel i thought about sharing also some money game changer tips that have been helping me recently to save money and build healthy money habits.

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I am not money savvy by the way i have been having a love and hate relationship with money for the last years until I decided to work on it and find a way to enjoy my money and save it at the same time.

Let me tell you dearest reader, every financial decision either good or bad that you make now will have an impact on you later in life so it is better to start working on your finances as soon as possible, don’t think you will learn how to manage a million if you never managed even 100k.

Today I am sharing with you 3 things that have been really helping me save my coins and build a healthy relationship with money.


One thing that really changed my life when it comes to my finances was understanding my money habits, how I spend, how and why i save, in general how i treat my money. Your spending habits says a lot about how you view your money.

Understanding this perspective made me so intentional on my money habits. I used to be this impulsive shopper ( which means a person who makes purchases spontaneously without planning or considering the long-term effects or consequences.)

This type of shopper tends to buy items on a whim, driven by sudden desires or emotions, rather than making thoughtful or deliberate decisions. whenever I would see something that I like or saw an influencer talk about it I will definitely buy it regardless if I can afford it or not.

All this changed during our recent glow up call in March when we were learning about budgeting, investing and saving.

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Understand your money patterns

You need to understand your patterns when it comes to money, if you have been using different type of budgets and saving tips but you always find yourself in the same loop of being broke when you just got paid it is time for you to understand your money habits and work on them which lead me to my second tip.

I wrote a blog about good money habits you can adapt now, read it here.


5 money habits you need to adopt now

When you are not very responsible with your money the last thing you want to do is to check your balance, it is very terrifying looking at those numbers when you have been spending uncontrollably. Well if you want to improve your relationship with money it is time to face the reality and check your bank account balance.

You will feel shame, regrets and guilt but don’t let it drain you instead let it fuel your need to work on yourself.

After understanding your money spending habits, checking your bank balance and facing your financial reality, the next best thing to do is to educate yourself and take measures to do better with your money.

How to maintain self control
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One of the thing that can help you be good with your money is to set a financial goal which can be for example clearing all your debts, save for a given purpose or just invest in a business and then from there you can start educating yourself accordingly.

Take those masterclass, consult your friends, start talking about it and find an accountability partner someone to help you make better decision when it comes to money.


One mistake I did in my past was to use budget samples that made my financial journey very hard to navigate.

I will find myself struggling to save and also enjoy the money that I worked for until I was introduced to a better way of budgeting and here are some few tips you can use while developing your budget.

Monet tips to help you develop your budget

  • Consider every little detail: when working on your budget make sure you include everything even your fun money (when you are going out or traveling). I used to make a budget that consisted of the expenses, saving and wants and I will find myself with zero money to spoil myself and I will end up using the money i wasn’t supposed to use. All that changed when I understood that you can save, invest and enjoy your money at the same time.
  • Tell your money where to go: you do this by designing a given percentage that goes to each section for example you can say 50% of my income goes to my monthly fixed expenses, 20% is saving,30% is investment, 10% fun money,10% traveling money etc…

Be realistic with your Money

When budgeting include everything and develop a budget that covers all your financial goals and most importantly be realistic.

  • Discipline: I always talk about discipline in every self development blog, discipline is key to everything. Now that you have a budget for you that works it is up to you to stick to it, whenever you are about to spend money ask yourself if it is part of your budget or not. Use your money in a more disciplined way not an impulsive way.

The moment you will start following these tips and develop a muscle of discipline and honesty with yourself trust me you will see a big shift in your money habits and start saving more than you spend.

You have to remember that at the end of the day all that you do is for your own Good and start acting accordingly.

You can buy my money saving guide for beginners here for reference if you are a newbie to saving and financial literacy, click here to shop.

Those are my easy tips that can change your money habits and help you save money per month, see you in another blog xoxo.

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