5 money habits you need to adopt now

Let’s talk about Money Money !! My favorite subject recently because let’s be honest money keep the world moving and at one point or another we all need money to strive and chase our dreams so it is very important to talk about money and learn about how we can invest and grow wealth at the same time.

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If you have been feeling like you are stuck in your financial journey always broke and in debts this blog will help you because those are the things i have started doing recently and it changed a lot in my financial journey. So let’s jump right into those tips.


Everything start with a thought , how you view things is very important especially money or let’s say your financial situation. You can’t never be successful if in your mind you view yourself as an unsuccessful person, you can’t show up as a confident person if you don’t believe you are, same as money if you keep thinking you are broke you will never be rich, it all start in your mind. You want to make some changes in your life ? CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK.

Change your thoughts about money and have a positive perspective stop negatively talking about money, STOP complaining about your situation instead have a positive perspective on it and see how you can change or live through that situation. It doesn’t matter the amount of your paycheck it is still money that can make a difference in your life so have a positive perspective on money that’s the first big step you need to make.


I used to think that i will start saving when i make a lots of money but i was wrong , it doesn’t matter the little that you have start saving now it ll make a positive impact. Start now , it can be $1 or even more start searching your options , there is so many tips on how you can save and how much you can save according to your plans and expenses so the time is now. Saving will save you from a lot of financial trouble and it is a great discipline for someone who wants to build wealth so stop wasting your coins and save.


Another habit you should adapt if you want to build wealth is to spend less than you earn which can be hard because growing up come with a whole luggage of expenses and bills so it is hard to balance. Most of the time we spend a lot of money than our paycheck and we end the month with so much debts so if you want to adopt this habit it will require you a lot of discipline, sacrifice and budgeting.

The key here is to develop a budget that can help you track how much you earn and spend in a given period of time. If you adapt this method and make sure your budgets meets all your needs just know you made it in life !!!


Another important thing is to set a financial goal, at the end of the day what do you want to achieve with the money you saved or you are earning? Is it to buy something or invest? Determine what you want to do with the money before you even get the money.

This will help you a lot in not spending more, keep you focused and motivate you to make more money. I feel like goals push us out of our comfort zone so it is very crucial to have goals no matter what.


A good habit everyone should have is self evaluation in any aspect of life it helps a lot when it comes to growth and tracking the progress.

After setting your financial goal give yourself a period of time to achieve that goal and then evaluate yourself at the end to see what you achieved and what you want to improve. With this tip it will help you know how much money you can use and save in a given period of time and give you an idea of where you are in your financial journey. To be honest most of us are broke even if we make a lot of money monthly because most of us don’t save and don’t even know where the money is going.

With this self evaluation you are going to learn a lot about your money habits and what you need to improve or leave so sis and brother i recommend you evaluate your budgets and financial book every once in a while to see where you are at.

Those are my simple tips you can adapt if you want to build wealth and be more financial savvy let me know in the comment section the tip that you are adapting now or the ones that you usually use. Well see you in an other blog and make sure you check out my channel for more money talk videos.

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