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Welcome to STYLED BY FRANCE today in the lifestyle section i am sharing with you 5 easy steps to organize and arrange your working space.

I am very obsessed with working in a clean and organized area, this also apply to my room (my main office when I am working from home), and you can check how i stay organized by reading this article

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Working in an organized space is one of the main thing that increase productivity and ensure success.

In a 2011 study commissioned by PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZERS IN CANADA, 7 in 10 Canadians who work say their workplace is disorganized and report feelings of stress, frustration and failure. Read more at

This is also something i noticed in the past, whenever i arrived at my work place late and started working in a disorganized area my day always went bad, full of stress and i even forgot where i put things and i ended up making a lot of mistakes and frustrated.

Who can relate to this?? I know most of you can.

There is power in working in a clean and organized place, being organized is not about perfection instead it allows you to be more productive and smash goals.

The methods i am going to share with you in this blog are from my father, he is the man who shared with me these bright ideas.

He shared with me these methods in 2016 and since then i try to implement them in my working space and i can assure you that they work effectively.

The methods i am going to share can be applied to any working space it can be business office, hospital ward, home office anywhere…

At the end of this blog, you will be able to work in an organized area which will be a guarantee for success.


By reading the title you may have asked yourself, what is 5 S?  How is it implemented?

Let me break it down for you.

5 S is a process of implementing and maintaining a clean, safe, organized work area.

5 S stand for Sort, Straighten (Set in order), Shine, Standardize, Sustain. It is a 5 steps process that help you clean and organize your working space which boost your efficacy and productivity.

I am going to break down each step so that you can understand how the 5 S is implemented.

1.S : SORT

The first S stand for SORT which means sorting things out or organizing things in a particular manner so that you find each item easily.

When you get to your working place the first thing you need to do is to sort by identifying what you need in the area and removing items you don’t need.

The main goal in this step is to PRIORITIZE YOUR ESSEINTIALS, things you need on a daily basis and remove things you no longer need.

Things you no longer need can be old documents, expired products, old stuff, etc.… in few words remove all the things that no longer serve you.


Now that you removed all the unnecessary things the next step is arranging the remaining stuff.

Here the main goal is to SET IN ORDER by putting everything in their appropriate places so that they are easy to find when needed.

You can use two methods to arrange your stuff in the working area which are using labels and color coding.

You can use labels that can indicate where all the things are placed, you can label your drawers, files so that it easy to find each thing.

Another method you can use to order thing is using color coding, each color indicate what it contains.

 For example if you have a lot files and sometimes you forget where they are, you can use color coding on the files like red color for files on hold, yellow for files you need to work on , green for every important files this will help you know where to find a given file.

3. S : shine

After putting everything in the rightful place the next step is cleaning and removing the dirt. You don’t want to work in a dirty place, right?

The goal here is CLEANING, remove the dust and make your place a safe place to work in.

Also make sure it become a routine to work in a clean area.


Now that you have finished removing dirt, put things in their right places the next step is to document those methods and make sure they are continually / constantly applied.

The goal here is SETTING STANDARDS and maintaining them, make sure you insert this method in your standards and share with others so they can learn from you.


The last part is SUSTAIN, which is a habit and is continually improved.

Don’t apply this method once and just leave it there keep practicing this until it becomes a part of your everyday routine.

It has been proved that the more you do 5s the better the environment the better the work.

Keep practicing working in a clean place for effectiveness, I know you will thank me later after implementing these methods.

Those are my 5 tips to help you organize and clean your working space.

Was this helpful ? Let me know in the comment section xoxo.

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