Black Friday is around the corner and your girl is here to help you shop till you drop. If you don’t know what Black Friday sale is and what is all about this blog is for you, if you also want to know some amazing deals this also for you but first let’s first know what black friday sale is and we are going to jump to guide right after.

Black Friday is the Friday right after Thanksgiving and on this day many stores offer biggest deals and promotions in their physical store and this makes it the biggest shopping event of the year. It is followed with CYBER MONDAY where brands offer big discounts on their website so if you don’t get the chance to buy on black Friday Cyber Monday is there to save the day.

if you have been dying to get something and your bank account was telling you otherwise well this might be the chance for you to get that on a crazy discount.

Today i am not only sharing the ultimate guide with you but i am also sharing some of the brands you need to keep an eye on due to their amazing deals.


Yes black Friday is here but without a perfect guide this day can really turn into a nightmare ( when you buy things you don’t really need) so before getting excited about the discount here are the few things you need to know/do that can help you get the best of this day:


The first thing you need to do before black Friday sales is to make a list of things you want to buy. A list is going to help you know what you really need and this is going to give a clear vision on what to really focus on. there are so many and amazing deals out there during black Friday sales so without a list you may end up buying things you don’t really need.


Another important thing you need to do is to make your research first when I say research I mean A DETAILED RESEARCH. Now that you have a list do research about the brands that you want to buy from, know the deals they are offering , know the actual prices this is going to help you know if the products are really discounted during the black Friday sales, read reviews about the products you want to buy to have a clear idea of what you going to spend your money on.

Don’t just buy from brands you don’t know about, some may trick you so make your research first and know if the brand that has amazing deals is trustworthy. Make sure that you have all the information that you need especially for those small brands you never heard about be very careful.


This actually the coolest tip ever

On black Friday everyone is shopping , things are selling out first so you need to be ready by creating your online account before. Put your address and shipping information before black Friday and it is going to save you time while shopping. Another thing you can do is to add your favorite items to your Wishlist or cart and all you will have to do is to confirm ,pay and it is done. isn’t that cool ?

Now that i shared with you some of the few things you need to do to be ready for your black Friday sales, here are some of the brands that are having amazing deals , you definelty need to check.

Some started their big promotions earlier so definitely keep an eye on them they may have crazy deals during the black Friday sales, I have linked all the amazing deals about BLACK FRIDAY SALES HERE click on this link to shop


OLAY is a skin care brand that has been killing it on Youtube, i have seen and heard some many good reviews about this brand and if you ever wanted to try them this is your chance.

They are having 25% off on their website plus free shipping and have holiday gift sets like their Anti wrinkle set it is amazing.

I also choose beautiful gifts sets from Olay that you can check here :


This brand is moslty know for their brow game which is on point, They are having early black Friday sales with 25% off by using the code friyay plus free shipping. Here are some of their holiday collections.

Other amazing deals are linked here make sure you click on this link to start shopping some few things i selected for you.

Was this blog helpful let me know in the comment section. See you next time in another blog xoxo

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