Dental hygiene - basic tips you need to know

When was the last time you went to a dentist? Do you take care of your mouth as you do for you skin? Do you struggle with a very bad oral smell ?

Did you know that bad oral hygiene can lead to heart disease?

In case you are this kind of person that goes 3 days without brushing your teeth just know that according to Rejuvenation Dentistry ” Bad teeth can cause heart problems and gum disease may lead to cardiovascular disease. Lack of dental care (e.g., not brushing your teeth) could even result in higher cholesterol.” but don’t worry on today’s blog I am going to share with you 3 tips that can help you get rid of that bad oral smells, how to elevate your oral hygiene care and have healthy teeth which lead to being healthy overall.

We all know that brushing your teeth it is the first fundamental rule of oral hygiene so here are other basic things you can incorporate in your everyday life that can really help you improve your oral hygiene.


Flossing is the first game changer tip that real transformed my oral hygiene game , I used to see tons of video about flossing and i thought it was being extra because as an African girl I grew up in a household where I never saw people flossing I thought it was for people that had braces and I was wrong.

Flossing helps remove food particles and plaque between teeth and along the gum line where your toothbrush can’t quite reach which also contribute in decreasing bad breath.

I started flossing recently and i wish i knew it sooner, it is very crucial to floss here are some other role or benefits of flossing:

  • It removes food particles and plaques that your tooth brush or toothpick can’t remove thanks to elastic rod design.
  • It helps in preventing dental cavities.
  • Helps with preventing bad smell : bad oral smell is sometimes due to debris stuck in your teeth so when you start flossing you remove them and you decrease the chances of having bad breath.


This is the first questions I asked myself when I started my flossing journey even though I am no expert in this here is the answer:” At least floss once a day” that it is the bare minimum.

Most Dentists recommend doing it every night before bed either before or after brushing your teeth. I personally floss before brushing I feel like it is more effective.

I get my care floss from Ximi vogue for only 1500 Rwf ($1.5) but you can also get them from your local pharmacy and supermarket, try this out and let me know what you think because for me this is was a game changer for my oral hygiene.


Want to fight bad breath ? Invest in products that do the job, i have tried different brands when it comes to toothpastes and my game changer was the ” COLGATE ADVANCED WHITENING TOOTHPASTE”.

The moment i started using it it did wonders for me and i highly recommend it. Whenever i use it i feel like my teeth are super clean, whitish and here is another tip i learned thanks to my dentist : ” Whenever you buy a toothpaste make sure it has between 1000 and 1500 ppm fluoride concentration” and my favorite whitening toothpaste has 1500ppm so whenever you go shopping keep this in mind.

Stop going for the flavored toothpaste and go for the ones that actually do the work. I get mine from Simba Supermarket at only 2100 rwf ($2.1).


This is something i should also start doing , going for checkups more often, now I have been going for checkups once a year ( because i was sick lol) but I want to make it a habit to go there at least twice a year.

Going for a dental checkup will help you know your dental health and when things are not going well, if you struggle with bad odor, bleeding gums it maybe more than you think so visit your doctor more often and i will advise going for the real dentist that know what they are doing if you want better treatment and follow up. This is a game changer tip the more you go for checkup the more you will keep your oral hygiene top notch.


Another oral hygiene that some of us love to skip is this “CLEAN YOUR TONGUE” If there is one of my pet peeve is seeing someone with a dirty whitish tongue, it is not sexy at all so if you are reading this please clean your tongue.

You can either use a tongue scrapper or just your toothbrush there are even toothbrushes that come with a simple tongue scrapper in the back so make sure you use that and you will see a a big change in your oral smell. I have been doing this for years and it is the best things I did for myself.

Extra tip : whenever you are cleaning your tongue be super gentle with whatever you are using so that you don’t damage your tasting buds ( they are located on your tongue and helps you detect if something is good , bad or even spicy etc…)

Those are my 3 simple tips you can incorporate in your oral hygiene ( if you are not already) and trust me they do work so please try them.

Stay tuned for more content coming your way from STYLED BY FRANCE and if you know someone who can benefit from this please share this blog with them. Thank you see you next time xoxo

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