How to create a spa experience at Home

Hello loves !! It ‘s been a while since we talked about selfcare, self love and everything in between and today I am sharing with you 5 tips or ideas on how you can intentionally elevate your shower routine experience at home.

To be honest i live for a good shower routine it makes my soul happy, makes me feel clean, nice and that is when i get the opportunity to love on myself a little bit more because i feel like the more you love on yourself the more you will be able to love others.

To make my showers more extra i love romanticizing every little step by doing some of the things that i am going to share with you and i swear whenever i create a little spa experience with my shower routine at home my mood always shift even after a long day I always end up feeling happy and content.

So here is how I elevate my shower routine but before we dive into this tips check my selfcare blogs here:


I love candles if you know me you know that ! Especially when it is a scented candle it makes my inner self happy. To create this spa and calm environment for yourself before you dive into your shower routine you can start by lighting a scented candle either in your room if you are going to relax there or in your bathroom in order to unwind and just be in the moment. This is a game changer tip and once I did it I never went back. You can even have the candles in your room and bathroom as you start your whole routine , sis please try this you will thank me later.

I get my scented candles from T2000 super market they have really small and cute candles (the problem is that their scents doesn’t last longer), for more options you can check @habibicandles on Instagram.


Music is therapy we all know that, if you ever been to a spa you know they are always playing that soft music that makes you relax so do that. There are so many playlist on YouTube that can help you establish a spa feeling at home while you are showering.

The goal here is to make your shower routine your escape after a long day and there is no better way to do than adding some relaxing jazz music in the background while showering.

Recently i have found myself listening to some Jazz music especially when I am taking shower or working it does help with calming my nerves and just making me relax.


Be very creative with your routine if you want to elevate it, I always start my shower routine just to clean myself and take all the stress away. To make the experience even more entertaining and interesting I always have a theme for my shower routines. For example i have my ” how to smell like vanilla” or even “how to have a strawberry sweet scent after a nice shower”. I am always trying new products and techniques and it makes me happy and excited about showering.

Another thing that makes me happy is when i do a body scrub sis this is one of the thing that set my soul on fire. Here is the blog about scrubbing in case you want to try it out, click here to read.

I suggest you start doing this too , invest in skincare, body care, pamper yourself with nice things and you will see how much it is going to change your mood.


I love moisturizing and loving on my skin. After a long and quality shower you need a moisturizer. The after shower care is also very important especially for your skin, if you don’t moisturize your skin you are really hurting your skin. I used to take long showers , scrub my skin and end up not moisturizing and the next day my skin would look ashy and very dry but recently I have been nurturing my skin with body oils and all the good stuff. So make sure you moisturize and pamper your skin.


The last part of elevating your shower routine is a facial mask. Masks are known to hydrate and moisturize your skin if you want to read more about facial mask you can check the blog here.

I use the Aloe Vera face mask that is know to hydrate and moisturize your skin also to remove extra impurities I suggest you go for the charcoal face mask from Garnier , you can shop it down below.

So invest in a good mask and indulge in it after a long day of work , your skin will highly thank you.

Those are my 5 tips on how you can elevate your shower routine without spending a lot of money. I believe that spending on selfcare it is the best thing you can do for yourself sis in this upcoming weekend make sure you pamper yourself a little bit.

That is it for today and sis I will make sure to keep on sharing more about selfcare and hygiene so stay tuned and see you next week in another blog.xoxo

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