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One of the ways to practice self love is loving your own company, being comfortable with yourself which is hard sometimes especially if you were born in a society that always encourage you to be surrounded by people and there is nothing wrong with that but at certain age you will have to take time to be alone in order to grow.

In my self love journey I have been learning, unpacking traumas and getting to understand why I act and think the way i think which lead me here, loving and accepting who I AM.

In the past I always wanted to do things with people cause I wasn’t sure that I can do it all by myself . I remember when I started this blog I wanted my best friend to do it with me . I needed someone’s approval to do something I didn’t trust myself and I hated my own company, I hated being alone , I thought that I needed someone to be validated. When I started my self love journey I started also connecting with my inner self and falling in love with this person I always avoided( me) it has been a long, painful but worthy journey.

After many years of building myself up this year I finally started falling in love with my own company, I started valuing my own thoughts , taking back my control ,I stopped following people’ s ideal opinion of life and I started doing my own thing , you know sometimes it’s messy but we live and learn this is life, allow yourself to fail sometimes.

So on this solo trip i started this year ( to be more precise) I have been making time for myself and enjoying my own company and that’s how the idea of this blog came up, I want to inspire you to take back your control, to take a break from the world and fall in love with yourself over and over again.

Here are some ideas if you want to date yourself, the ideas that I am going to share with you I am also willing to try them in this month. I want to learn to love myself on a deeper level to the point where I feel like I am enough for myself.

Loving and being good to yourself also enables you to be good for people around you cause the moment you learn to love your best and worst traits it will also teach how to love and be patient with others.

Some people take solo dates as selfishness but actually it is a moment you get to know yourself ,what you love and appreciate your own company, in this life we re not always going to be surrounded with people that we love so we must learn to live our lives either alone or with people so here are some ideas if you want to take yourself on a date:


I love when i am home in my room watching a movie, eating snacks and meditating on the movie .So if you want to practice taking yourself out you can start with a movie date.

This idea can work for shy people mostly and it’s beginner friendly , if you think it ‘s awkward sitting in the restaurant alone start with a movie date here the idea is to change the environment , as you watch the movie alone in your room you can also go to the theater alone.


Another way to spend some quality time with yourself is going to the museum or art gallery alone . This is the date idea if you want to escape from the world and do something interesting at the same time.

If you want it to be extra go when it’s less crowded ,one thing I love about going to this kind of place is that you get to explore and learn new things.


Any date that involves food is the best date lol ! Brunches are cute and fun when you are with your family and friends but have you tried going on a brunch date alone? Sipping on your hot latte with a beautiful view and listening to a podcast!? THAT’S THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I tried this one time and i swear to God I left the place feeling more energized, grounded than I was before.


If you are going through a hard time and you just want to find solutions or you just want to escape for a while GO FOR A HIKE or A RUN.

I get most of my creative ideas when I am working out alone or showering so if you want to clear your mind go for a hike , This also will help you have different perspective on life as you hike , discover new places, babe go for the hike. Breath in some fresh air and self reflect.

This is something I never tried but I am willing to challenge myself and try new things.


I know it is not advised to go for a solo vacation in a foreign country if it’s your first time but you can start with local areas in your country that you know are safe. I am so blessed to be in one of the safest country in the world and I am encouraging you to #visitRwanda if you are planning to travel.

For a solo vacation you can start with a weekend getaway far from the city , book a room with a beautiful view, take a good nap , relax and just reflect on life. Sometimes in life you just a need a break and there is no better way to unwind than a simple vacation or road trip.

Not only the solo vacation will help you to unwind but it will also allow you to get in touch with your inner self and that’s the goal here.


One thing i have been doing this year and enjoying is taking myself on self care dates like going for a nail , hair appointments, going shopping ( my therapy) you know a little moment enjoying my own money lol !

As women we need to start loving and normalizing spending money on ourselves stop waiting for girlfriend allowance and take yourself out, there is no better feeling in the world than pampering yourself.

This is your sign to go for that wax appointment you have been avoiding, take yourself out and also take care of yourself while you there.


I love me some ice cream so go to your favorite place and enjoy your ice cream alone , I function better when m alone imagine enjoying your favorite ice cream alone it ll definitely make your heart melt.


Another way to spend some quality time is going to the library and dive into some new books, you will learn and relax at the same time.

Self care is not only eating good food, buying luxurious stuff it is also about educating yourself that’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Knowledge is power !


I know i said solo dates but there is no better way to spend quality time than spending it helping someone in need , not only it makes you feel good but you are helping someone in need. We should start practicing giving without looking back the more good you put out there the more you receive. So if you have been looking for ways to spend your weekend or evening join a movement or NGOS and start giving back to the community.

You will enjoy this more when you do it from a place of love, giving and serving the community selflessly also help you grow emotionally .


This year we are exploring new things as a form of self care and there is no better way than investing in a new skill.

I believe that we were created with different talents and you will discover them when you put yourself out there and try new things.

Get out of that comfort zone and start exploring and going for new experience, this life is too short to do boring stuff so it is time to invest in new things.

Those were my creative 10 ideas on how to practice self love/ care, what is your favorite ? Which one are you willing to try ? Let me know in the comment section and I will see you next time xoxo

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