Christmas gift guide for 2023

It’s that time of the year again and i am back with some amazing gift ideas for your friends, family, lovers , coworkers anyone , if your love language is gifting well you are going to enjoy this blog.

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The special thing about this year’s guide is that most of the things can be found in Kigali , Rwanda this one will be very Rwandaful because lately i have been having a thing for Made in Rwanda items.

To be honest i feel like as our country keeps developing we also get very innovative and creative and i am here for it, i am ready to support my brothers and sisters, so after reading this blog don’t walk RUN and buy these amazing gifts for your loved ones.



Christmas gift guide : easy and affordable

We are going to start with Family and here i am going to generalize if you want a specific or more details blog about gift for your family members let me know in the comment section. I started with family because i know if i start with the lovers part (boyfriend and husbands or wives and girlfriends) you will not read the whole blog so let’s get into it.

  • HOME COZY SLIPPERS : I know this may sound girlie but have you been to a place and you find out that the whole family has matching slippers , doesn’t it look cool and lovely ? i don’t know about you but i think this would be a perfect gift for your family as whole if you are planning to get a special gift for everyone. T 2000 has some cool slippers ranging from 7500 rwf and above.
  • MADE IN RWANDA DECOR : I love décor and i noticed that Made in Rwanda décor add this little touch of elegance and culture in the house so if your family love interior décor this also can be a perfect for the family in general. It can be IMIGONGO PRINT or even an art piece anything Made in Rwanda always look cute and presentable.
  • CARD GAMES : There is something about games that brings the family together and there is no better time of the year to bring people together than Christmas that is why buying card games for your family is a great idea. Urban games on Instagram has a variety of games that you can play as a couple, family or friends and this also increase your connection and help you to get to know each other like last Christmas we played MONOPOLY the whole day and we laughed , drunk and it is one of the best moment i get to spend with my brothers.


The next part is about friendship, i know lovers will come after this but keep reading. Friends are a big part of who we are, they are those strong pillars that keep us standing when our world is falling part so it is very crucial to also think about them around Xmas. Down below you can get ideas of what kind of Xmas gift to give them this year:

  • CHRISTMAS DATE : Let’s start with the basic gift idea but full of memories, go for a Christmas date it may be brunch, Christmas carol concert date or movie date. In this way you will create Xmas memories with people that you love and cherish. This upcoming Sunday on the 17th/12/2023 there is a Christmas carol concert by Chorale de Kigali , the tickets range from 5k (5000 rwf -$5) to 25k (25000 rwf – $25) so if you were wondering what to gift your friends this year don’t say i didn’t plug you.
  • PERSONALIZED BESTFRIEND PRINT ART : Another Christmas gift guide for your bestfriend is a personalized print art, it can BE a picture of both of you this year, a bestfriend quote or a bible verse anything that can connect you with your friend. The best plug is GTC in town in front of Pharmacy CONSEIL around Norskeen and the car free zone, their prices are amazing and the services is quick you can get a printed art from 2000 rwf and above so you don’t have to rob the bank to spoil your friend or bestfriend.


On the most anticipated part of the blog and my favorite to be honest, i have realized that gifting is my second love language , i love gifts and any celebrating occasion i will pull up with gifts , who knew !!!


Starting with our boyfriends here are some cute gifts ideas for Christmas but one thing you need to know shopping from men is not easy and not even cheap in my recent blogs i tried to share affordable gifts ideas you can check here and this year i am going a little bit hard , these gifts range from simple to extra you do you boo.

  • CONVERSATION STARTER CARD GAME : This is a perfect gift if you are at the beginning of your relationship and you want to get to know each other more around the Xmas holidays or if you have been together for a while and you want to reignite the relationship this may help. I have seen so many stores with couple game cards you can check for instance THE URBAN GAME on Instagram.
  • REVERSIBLE BOMBER JACKET FROM KANYANA WORLD: While i was browsing on Kanyana world recently i saw their reversible bomber jacket and i was amazed, so beautiful with the prints and the fact you can reverse it and it will transform into another cool jacket it is the bomb. It costs 45000 rwf ($45) and it is the cutest thing.
  • WATCH FROM MISSKSPARKLES : MISS K SPARKLES is an online shop based in Rwanda they have products ranging from hair accessories, sunglasses and watches that are unisex so if your man is into watches this can also be an amazing gift that is a little bit on the pricey side but cute. Their watches ranges from 30000 rwf – 35000 rwf ($30-$35).


Our time to shine ladies, make sure you share this one with your lover let them know what you want for Christmas.

  • WIG FROM MISS KSPARKLES HAIRSHOP : Women love wigs and they are not cheap not at all , we do ( even if i don’t own one lol and i don’t know if i am getting one anytime sooner but we all do ) spoil her with a wig from MISS K SPARKLES, they have cute wigs especially their headband wigs for those days you don’t want to do your hair , this is a life saver and ranges from 80k and above ($80). Check them here
  • MADE IN RWANDA SANDALS : Who knew i would fall in love with MADE IN RWANDA Products ??? Recently i have been loving and eyeing some made in Rwanda sandals from Ceka and Manidi brand and if you want something cool to give your girlfriend for Xmas this is your plug. Prepare a budget from 15k to 30k ($15- $30) and i am pretty sure your girl will love these.
  • MADE IN RWANDA KIMONO : Another obsession of mine , i recently gifted myself with one and i think they are cute and every lady should have at least 3 of them so brother step up and get a cute Made in Rwanda Kimono for your queen price ranging from $12 – $40 (12k-40k) depending on where you shop and the quality.

This is my simple and a little bit expensive Christmas gift guide for this year, let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite and what you are getting for your loved ones this christmas. See you in the next blog xoxo !!!

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