Do you think people can improve their personality and become a better version of themselves ?

If you think it is impossible i am here to tell you that you can CHANGE as long as you are determined in who you want to be.

I have been there and i know that it is POSSIBLE.

I was at an event recently and i meet an old friend. he told me that i am looking more happier and determined than i was before.

He asked me how i managed to stay positive and happy all the time and i told him . “ i love myself ” and self love is one of the main thing to improve your personality.

The journey to self love is one of the hardest and longest journey but it is one of the major key to improve your personality.

A lot of people don’t understand self love .

They think self love is being selfish and egocentric but self love goes deeper than that.

Self love is loving who you are , embracing your weakness , strength , seeing beauty and opportunity every where.

Self love is the real true love. you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.

Before i knew about self love i struggled a lot with embracing who i was , to love myself and it was hard for me to love others .

You can check out my story self-love.

If you want to improve your personality then the first step is self love and self acceptance that leads to a healthier and successful lifestyle.

In this blog post i am going to share with you few tips on how to improve your personality and become a better version of yourself.


The first thing to be at the top of your game is knowing who you are, but why is it important to know yourself ?

When you know yourself, you know your worth , potentials , interest , values and it is easy for you to love and value yourself.

Knowing who you are allows you to know what you really want in life.

Take 1 minute and ask yourself :

who am i ?

what do i want ?

Before i started this journey i did not know who i was , what i wanted , i did not have something to live for.

I did not take enough time to know who i really was. it was so hard for me to love myself cause i didn’t know myself.

Knowing myself helped me to have a clear vision of the life i wanted to live.

It made my goals more clear and i was so determined.

I know a lot of you are asking themselves HOW DO I KNOW WHO I AM ?

here are few questions that will hep you know who you are:

  • What am i passion about ?
  • What makes me unique ?
  • How people do perceive me ?
  • Who do i want to be in the future ?
  • Who was i in the past ?
  • Am i happy with the person i am now ?

Ask yourself those questions and you will have an image of who you really are.


This is the hardest part of the process that requires time , commitment and patience.

We are often scared of the reality and when people are real to us we run away from them. that is why some of us force ourselves to live in lies to feel comfortable.

We pretend to be someone else so that we do not face the reality and that affect us in our everyday life.

Being real to ourselves is the key to build a spirit of honest and integrity in the society, you can not be honest with others if you are not honest with yourself.

Being real to yourself is being true to yourself and values. when you are and stay true to yourself it is easy for you to be honest and real with others.

When you are able to handle the reality and stay true to yourself you are ready to be a better version of yourself which improve your personality.


Back again to the self love part.

After knowing who you are and being real to yourself the next step is loving yourself. love your high, lows .

Appreciate yourself , value yourself , respect yourself all of this come with self love.

Loving yourself allows you to find beauty in every little thing and make you appreciate life.


Another step for to improve your personality is to not settle for less than you deserve.

I always wanted to have this perfect life before i realized that there was no perfect life .

I settled for whatever came into my life cause i wanted to be and live like the others.

tips to improve your personality

But i realized that it did not make me feel any better. so i decided to stand up for myself by embracing my standards and stopped settling for less.

When you know who you are and what you are capable of , it is so hard for you to settle for whatever comes into your life.

So if you want to be a better YOU stop settling for less and lowering your standards to satisfy this world.


Living with toxic people is one of the main thing that stops us from being who we really are.

I also talked about this in my previous post 5 things i learned in the last 22 years

If your circle of friends does not value and support you , if they do not encourage you to be a better you . why are you hanging out with them ?

If you don t learn from them , why are you still there ?

Don’t be with people for the sake of not being alone , if those person bring no good in your life.

If they drain your positive energy instead of fueling you with wisdom walk away .

Yes !!! walk away !

No matter how hard it is , just GO it is better for you.

Stop living with toxic people instead surround yourself with genuine and inspiring people it will help you in boosting up your personality.

Those are my 5 steps to improve your personality, were they helpful ? let me know in the comment section.

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