A lot have been going on these past few weeks due to corona virus and it affected our lives in a very drastic way.

Now we all have to stay and work from home to be SAFE and protect others.

We can’t ignore the fact that this whole world situation is affecting our mental health.

Particularly those already living with conditions like anxiety, depression etc…

I also made a blog post about things-to-know-about-mental-health you can check it out.

Here is some few tips that will help you cope with this whole situation and come out of the lock down strong and healthy.

Remember your mental health is a top priority as long you are mentally healthy everything fall into place flawlessly.


If you are a very sensible person like me avoid spending so much time on the internet reading a lot of news regarding this outbreak.

I understand you want to know what is going on with the world , want to be updated with everything but reading a lot of news may lead to panic attacks.

Plus there is so many fake news circulating on the internet.

Many people making click bait title to attract a lot of views others are not taking this situation seriously.

It can be very alarming and cause a lot of mental distress.

Like for me when i heard about COVID-19 and everything that was going on around.

I started opening every site to check what was going on i started panicking.

All the people had their version of how it spreads, how you can prevent it , how some people can’t be affected ( which is not true).

it was too much for me to take in and I was so scared, my friends can actually testify this” I FREAKED OUT FOR REAL”.

Then i realized that it was hurting me , making me panic.

That is when i decided to limit access to anything related to this situation not because i didn’t care but because it is for my own good.

For now on I watch the news 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening from trusted source like the national television ( RTV) .

I also check other news tv station like BBC, FRANCE 24, CNN for more news about what is happening globally.

And if I want to check anything related to COVID-19 I check trusted website as WHO and other trusted website no more random website.

If you are very sensible take my advice ” LIMIT YOUR ACCESS TO THE INTERNET OR TAKE SOME TIME OFF”


Being locked down in your house 24/7 is a hard task i am telling you.

At the beginning it is all good and fun but at the end of the day you start missing your normal life , going outside and meeting with friends.

Some are privileged to spend this time with their families and friends and some are alone in foreign countries far away from their home due to work condition.

And this can be challenging to be locked in an apartment alone, you may starting thinking about the worst thing that can happen and panic.

We can’t ignore those who live with abusive/toxic family members as well.

The best thing to do to protect your mental health in this time is by connecting with the people that you love.

Talk to people that you mostly trust and share with them how you are feeling.

It may be a family member or a friend, call them, check on them, tell them how you feel.

Talking to people decrease anxiety and you feel like you are not alone which is highly needed in this period.


This is the right time to take care of yourself abundantly.

You have all the time in the world to finally focus on yourself fully don’t take this for granted.

Take care of your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional self. Use this time in a positive way and your body,mind and soul will thank you for this.

This is one of the thing that can help you feel good mentally and physical and we are all about health.

I personally started working out everyday during this period, it was one of my main goals since 2018 and I always found an excuse to not workout.

But now I got no more excuse.

Girl this is the time to do those activities you always postponed.

Exercise, eat healthy and well balanced meals, get plenty of sleep to avoid overthinking.

Do yoga, home spa , facial masks, do your nails,avoid alcohol and drugs, let us maintain our health in this period.

Take time to unwind and do activities that brings joy and happiness in your life.

In the meantime you can also join tiktok and start learn those fun dance move i swear it has been helping me relax in these times.


I am an organized person and I can’t allow myself to spend my whole day In bed or wearing PJs  even if I am staying home.

I have stayed and worked from home for a while now and I know that having a lazy morning can affect your wellbeing the whole day.

You can also check my blog on how i -stay-organized by clicking here.

I have realized that when I wake up late I tend to spend the whole day lazy, unproductive and depressed.

I also overthink a lot when I spend the whole day in bed which is not good for my mental health.

So I make sure that I have a fixed morning routine for every day so that I can be productive.

This is the right thing to do to be sane and productive, even if you are not going to work wake up earlier.

Take that shower, dress up , put your makeup on ( if you want to ) , make that breakfast and go on with your day.

You can also make a weekly agenda of things to do after your morning routine.

Like you can clean up the house , catch up with undone work, do that one thing you always wanted to do , write in your journal just make sure you are occupied.

This will help you to avoid checking the fake news circulating on social media and stay in your element.

Those were my few tips on how you can protect your mental health during this period.

I hope everyone is safe and sound with their family let us remember to pray and stay together in this one.

God is on our side and this too shall pass , LET US ALL HAVE FAITH !!

Was this blog post helpful ? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section xoxo.

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