bikini underwear one of the type among which every girl should have - styled by France

I always wanted to do this blog post since the last time I wrote about wardrobe essentials every girl should have.

You can check that blog here 10-wardrobe-essentials-every-girl-need

I feel like this is one of the thing most of women neglect because they think nobody cares about the underwear when the outer outfit is BOMB.

But actually the underwear is the fundamental element of your whole look, you choose the wrong underwear the whole outfit is ruined.

Today on the blog I am going to share with you 6 types of underwear every girl should have , I know a lot of you are not comfortable talking about this but I hope it will help you.

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Extra benefit : You can shop directly the underwear you like through the widgets found in this blog post, isn’t amazing ???

Choosing an underwear is much more about your preference and what feels comfortable to you.

Also remember underwear are made in different fabrics each one designed for different purpose and types of clothing .

That is why i highly suggest the cotton fabric because it is comfortable, breathable and drys quickly ( chase away the moisture).

Make sure that when buying a thong you should also take this into consideration.

The reason why i am suggesting a cotton fabric for your underwear it is because it drys quickly , the germs thrive in a moisturized condition and it can lead to yeast infection better to wear a cotton that dries quickly.

Every girl should have 12 underwear of different types maximum or have 7 but don’t have less than those.

Let’s get started and learn more about the type of underwear every girl should have.


The first type i am going to talk about is the brief underwear mostly known as a granny underwear.

This is the type of underwear that a lot of people don’t like but we should all definitely have.

They provide full front and back coverage, high waist band and are not sexy at all but hold everything in place especially during that time of the month.

I personally suggest having these and wearing them during your time of the month.

I have few of these actually because of their comfort but don’t wear them with body hugging stuff because the underwear lines are highly visible.

You can wear them with jeans, dress, anything that is not body hugging.



These types of underwear are inspired from men briefs, they are very rectangular and comfortable.


They are good to wear when you want to hold everything in place while wearing skirts, dress.

You can have 3 of them I personally have few of them I am not a big fan of them but they were my favorite back in the days.

The thing i love about these is that they also offer full front and back coverage, get yourself one.


The third type of underwear you should definitely have is the bikini underwear.

bikini underwear one of the type among which every girl should have - styled by France
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They are slim on the side with a high cut leg line and back coverage with a waist band that rest on the hip. They are in between the brief and the thong.

They are sexy and provide coverage at the same time especially back coverage, they are good for everyday wear.

How many bikini do you have ?


These types of underwear are worn low around the hip , below the waist line with leg opening that hit well above the thigh.


I highly recommend wearing these when wearing low bottom clothing as ( low bottom jeans, skirts ) because they minimize the risk of showing your underwear when you sit.

It is not good wearing a high waist underwear with a low bottom jean and go out with your underwear popping on the top it is not sexy and it happened to me once and it was so embarrassing.

Avoid making this mistake sis please get yourself some hip
hugger’s underwear.


If I tell you that I didn’t know there was a difference between G-string and thongs you would not believe me.

I know most of you think there isn’t but sis yes there is a difference between these two.

Thongs underwear have a T shape string in the back , there is no coverage in the back as we all know.


G string is a triangle cloth hold on by strings and it offers less coverage in the front but no back coverage.


The benefit of having these is because they eliminate panty lines they provide no butt coverage.

 If you want to wear body hugging clothing go for this ones but never wear these during your ovulation or time of the month period.


The last one I am going to share with you are the tanga briefs they provide minimal front coverage and back coverage more than a string or thong.

They are narrow than a bikini and they are a good option for leggings, tights and these are my favorites.



These are the 6 types of underwear i suggest every girl should have, i am not saying that you should each pair but at least know which type to look for while shopping.

What is your favorite underwear? Share with me in the comment section xoxo.

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