Today we are talking about FALL FASHION TRENDS, it’s been a while since i blogged about fashion and here i am with a hot topic.

As the sunny days are getting to an end , and the rainy days are in the corner i think it is time to update our wardrobe.

Today on the blog i am sharing with you different budget friendly fashion trends you should have as we start fall/autumn .

Top fashion trends for fall 2019


Trench coat is one of the items that is trending in the fashion world right now and it’s one of the must have items as we are starting a cold season.

If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, i summed up some of my favorite trench coats you can get them here.

Trench coats with belts are the one taking the front scene in the fall fashion trends 2019.

What i love about them is that you can style them with anything, anytime and what makes the trench coat stand out it is the way you style it , the clothes you put beneath.

You can wear it with a mini dress, a graphic tee and a pair of jeans it depends on what you want and you can add other accessories to look more fashionista.


This is one of the trends that is not going away this fall, from the looks that dominated the runaway it seems like it is going to keep trending.

After seeing animal prints in the Gucci, st Laurent, Paco Rabanne and many more runaways, the 2019 fall animal prints are leopard, tiger prints and zebra stripes.

Here are few items i picked up for you guys and i will make a blog post on how i style different animal prints for this season.


This one of the cutest fall trend that i don't own LOL ! Seriously if you are looking for a new piece to add in your wardrobe this should be it.

Faux fur jacket are comfortable, warm, appropriate for rainy season and they are very easy to style.

You can wear a white tee and a black jean and add a white and black faux fur jacket and that's it .

faux fur jacket

If you are a big fan of leather this would be a great piece to combine with the leather pants in your wardrobe.


This is one of the trends that i have been enjoying so far, if you follow me on Instagram i think you have seen this trend on my profile a lot.

I don't wear mini skirt a lot, the only thing i am wearing these days it's long skirts and dresses.

The thing i love the most about maxi skirt is the comfort i found in them, when i wear a maxi dress or skirt i feel so much at ease than when i wear shorties.

But what i noticed those maxi dresses are not for partying so if you are going to an event where you need to shake your BUM BUM go for something else.


Looks like floral prints aren't going anywhere this season, but this time we are talking about moody floral prints.

Okay guys !

I know you re not familiar with this and it is my duty to give you all the details about this.

During the summer it was all about bright and colorful floral prints but for now we are going for black base or deep colors floral prints which are called" moody floral prints"


Hope i am giving you guys ideas of what to wear during this fall /Autumn season.

Please if you try any of these trends please tag me !


As i told you about animal prints in the above section, i also found some pair of shoes that you can incorporate in your wardrobe and be trendy as hell !!!!

If you see any similar items on the market don't hesitate to buy them cause girl we all want to wear what is trending.

An other trend that has been going on for a while is the asymmetric shoulder dress and i think it is a cute one.

If you are not a big fan of off shoulders maybe this can work for you.

Was this blog post helpful ? Let me know in the comment section.

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