Fashion trends to invest in 2022 - Styled by France

Now that the fashion shows are over we have an idea of what is going to trend in this cold season so if you are someone that loves investing in trends today on the blog I am sharing with you some that are worthy buying.

Not only they are trendy but these are items that are easy to style nd affordable, they can go with anything in your closet and there are things you can still wear when they are no longer trending.

If you don’t like shopping a lot also don’t worry, this blog can give you an idea of what to wear and how to style what you already have in a trendy way.



The first item i am going to share with you that is making a mega comeback is mini skirts but not any mini skirt, it is the low rise mini skirts that are killing it as seen on the Miu Miu and Richard Quinn RUNAWAY. Not only they are cute and very stylish but you can rock them in any season . For the cold season you can pair them with thighs ( they can be fishnet or even floral thighs depending on your liking) and boots that’s a killer look. For a more extra touch you can try a leather mini skirt these are just phenomenal and very fashionista.

I found some cute pieces on Asos that are affordable ( some are on sales so grab yours before it is over) you can get them here:


Another trendy item worth buying is a corset it can either be a corset dress, top or even a corset belt , one thing i love about the corset is the way it suck in your waist and make you look sexy and put together. This is something i can personally buy cause it is sexy, feminine and very classy so yeah get yourself some corset.

Another important fashion tip is that if you want to buy a corset top you can go for the one with long sleeve for the cold season and the one with high octaine. You can pair these tops with anything in your closet it can be wide leg pants, leather pants or skirt anything, it basically go with everything.

For corset dresses these are just phenomenal and very sexy i must say so here are some few pieces to add in your wardrobe if you want to elevate your style:

Corset tops:

Corset dresses:



Another trend we didn’t see coming is bomber jackets, yes they are making a comeback and they are what we need in this cold seasons.

Not only they keep you warm but they also very stylish, you can even wear the ones you already have here the idea is to give it justice while styling it. You can either pair it with some casual blue jean, white tee and add on a bomber jacket.

For some cute bomber jacket check out KANYANA WORLD ,she got amazing pieces.


Another trend that has been here for a while is color platform heels a lot people don’t like them but I personally think they are super cute and stylish. You can wear a basic look and elevate it with these colorful heels et voila. What i personally love about this trend is that they are comfortable anybody can wear them without the fear of falling down most of them have ankle straps which makes the whole experience more interesting.

So if you are a beginner in wearing heels just like me first invest in platforms heels they are just amazing.


Another trend that have been around for a while is cut out tops especially black ones, who doesn’t love a black top?

If you know me personally you know my love for black, it goes with everything, color, design even with different fashion patterns. If you want to get yourself some new tops and you love wearing what it is trending get yourself some, here are some links for you to shop:


If you are a big fan of leather items this is your moment of glory cause leather is here to stay. Leather skirts and jackets have been killing it on many runaway shows and i must say that there very stylish, edgy and essential items every fashion girl should have in their wardrobe.

To make it more extra rock leather set and pair it with boots this is a killer look giving 70-80’s vibes very stylish which means that this is a trend worth buying.


I can’t finish a fall trend blog without mentioning boots, these are essentials you need to have in your wardrobe if you don’t girlllllll !!!! we need to do better now !

Not only they are stylish but they are super warmn and cozy so grab yourself a pair down here:

Those are the few items i am going to share with you today if you are interested i will do any other blog just let me know, see you next time xoxo.

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