3 easy tips to pack for your summer vacation - styled by france

I just came back from my 3 days girls trip and i want to share the whole experience with you family and we are starting with 3 easy tips to pack for your summer vacation.

Planning a summer vacation is always exciting, but packing can often feel overwhelming. Whether you’re heading to a tropical beach, exploring a new city, or enjoying a peaceful countryside retreat, packing smartly can make your trip more enjoyable and stress-free. In this post, I’ll share three easy tips to help you pack efficiently for your summer vacation. Watch my whole packing experience here.

With these simple strategies, you’ll be ready to hit the road with everything you need and without the hassle of overpacking.


The first easy packing tip for your trip is that before packing you have to make a list of all the things you think you will need according to the place you are going to, the activities you will do and how many days you will spend there.

Making a list will help you remember everything you need and help you avoid the overpacking and also help you see what you will need to buy or put aside for your trip.

As a planner that i am , i knew everything i needed for my trip one month before because i knew the kind of activities i was about to go for and what to wear for each activity.


Another important thing to do when packing for your vacation trip is to try on those outfits you have in your head before you pack them.

I know that feeling when u have an outfit in your head that looks bomb but when u put it on it doesn’t give what it is supposed to give or when you planned for something you will wear and pack it but the moment you put it on it no longer fit.

To avoid all of that try them on before you pack them , mix and match see what works and what doesn’t for each activity.

An outfit might look good but not appropriate for a given activity ( happened to me) so do your research, try the outfits on and see if it is comfortable and will work for you.


When packing remember the essentials things you will need for your trip, for example if you are going for a beach vacation you will need a swimsuit, sandals, beach dress etc.. So pack accordingly.

Pack according to where you are going, those cute jeans you can wear them when u are back lol and also one thing you need to keep in mind while packing for your trip is that if it comes to clothing you have to pack something you are comfortable wearing.

This will help you avoid packing the MAYBE OUTFITS, pack something you know you will definitely wear comfortably.

Same for beauty and skincare packing, pack every essential item you will need for your vacation, you dont have to bring the whole collection just the essentials according to what activities you are doing.

This will help you avoid buying extra products on the road and that is why i emphasized on making a list of everything you will need for the trip and start packing accordingly.

Those are the tips i used while packing for my trip, share your packing tips in the comment section. See you in another blog xoxo.

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