Welcome to another fashion blog and today i am sharing with you few fashion items you need to add in your cold season collection. Here in Rwanda we are blessed to not have winter but sometimes during the rainy season the cold becomes intolerable so that is why I came up with this blog to help you identify timeless pieces you can add to your collection plus most of the products that I linked in this post are on sale make sure you grab some pieces before the sales are over.

Before we dive into the blog i created a fashion guide that can help you build up a functional wardrobe make sure you click here to download yours.



In the cold seasons your sweater and cardigan game must be on point , many people don’t like sweaters but recently brands have been releasing some cute sweater you can style differently. For the cold season i suggest you go for an oversized sweater for the extra warmth and stylish touch.

As i said in the intro of this blog these are the pieces that you can wear anytime , they never go out of style this is one of the item you can buy and be assured it is a great investment.

How to style Sweater During Cold Season :

There is so many ways to style sweaters depending on your personal style but here is two simple way you can rock them : with a cute knee length skirt and with some cute leggings or jeans, you can never go wrong with these styles.

For the cardigans, knitted cardigans are killing it these days one of my favorite type is the crop size knitted cardigan .

I also made a blog about cardigans and trench coats from amazon you need in your wardrobe right now click here to read.


Another item you definely need right now is a pair of boots either the knee length boots or anklet boots depending on your liking or get them both. BABE if you don’t have boots what are you waiting for ? If you guys want me to do a guide of affordable boots below $50 let me know in the comment section.

Check this cute reel to see how i style these beautiful boots.


We are all about the warmth, comfort during the rainy/ cold season and Maxi knitted dress provide just that , as i shared in my previous post about knitted fashion items blog this is a staple and timeless piece you can add to your collection. Not only it provides what i stated above but it is also stylish when you pair it with the right accessories.

Here is how you can style them :

WITH A GOOD PAIR OF BOOTS : When you pair this beautiful dress with cute boots you create an effortless look,

WITH SNEAKERS, TRENCH COAT AND CUTE BAG: this is another look you can create for a casual occasion either going for grocery shopping, brunch, seeing a friend this is a cute and stylish look.


It is that time to bring your knitted hats and scarves out cause this cold weather didn’t come to play. I highly recommend knitted items because they are known for their extra warmth if you don’t want to catch a cold go for them, Also my mama makes amazing knitted scarves and hats hit me on Instagram if you want one here is my handle : vivian_marie_france


Your girl loves some jean, not only they are very easy to style but they are those pieces you can wear in any season of the year. I did a whole blog about the type of jeans you need in your wardrobe and another one on how you can style them for an office look make sure you check them out and plan to add some in your wardrobe.

If you only had 2 pairs this is a sign from God to get yourself some more.

Those are my simple and affordable, basic and timeless pieces you need to add into your wardrobe in this season if you don’t already have some.

Was this blog helpful ? Let me know in the comment section and see you next for another blog xoxo.

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