Today on the blog I am going to share with you which type of accessory to wear for different necklines with ZVET JEWELRY . If you have been wondering which type of necklace or earrings to pair with your tops and dresses this one is for you.

Accessories are one of the thing that can either make or break your outfit, In this blog you will learn how you accessorize your outfit depending on the neckline of your top.


The jewelry pieces featured in this blog post are from ZVET JEWERY which is a Rwandan brand I want you guys to checkout and I am so sure you are going to love their products, their Instagram is going to be linked at the end of this blog.

It was founded in 2021 by the amazing SVETLANA UWINEZA who loves jewelries so much so if you love them and support women in business this is one of the business you should start supporting this year.

founder of Zvet Jewelry

Zvet: I love jewelry and especially earrings! You’ll never see me in public without earrings! For example there are people who know what they’re going to wear the next day, but me, I will tell you which pair I’m going to wear instead 🙂 So, I do buy them often and I’m a bit demanding in terms of design and quality but I realized that the market here does not offer me enough choice of styles (at least what I want) and I found myself buying jewelry elsewhere. I then thought to myself that there are people like me out here, who like this side of ‘ Je ne sais quoi’  that jewelries add to your outfit but can’t find them. So, I created Zvet Jewelry which adds boldness to your unique style !

Svetlana Uwineza the owner of Zvet Jewelry

Now that we have where to buy our accessories let’s jump into the type of necklines we mostly have on the market.

There are so many necklines but in this blog we are going to focus on 6 necklines which are worn very frequently like the ballet, button down, scoop, strapless ( off-shoulder ), turtle and v neck. The styling tips shared in this blog is for everyone if you are very minimal or bold with your accessories you will find something that goes with your style.

Now let’s style these necklines, shall we?


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1. How To Accessorize Ballet Neckline

The ballet neckline also known as BOAT NECKLINE is the one with a wider neck that hit past your collarbone , this neckline is also considered elegant and very chic and we mostly see them on blouses, sweaters. It covers you the most and to accessorize this type I will suggest very lightweight necklace or none depending on your liking because this type of neckline won’t let your necklace shine.

For the earring I will also suggest studs, don’t too much with this type of neckline if you are a minimalist.

simple earrings

but if you are a bold and very creative with your outfit you can wear wear a choker together with a chunky pendant style necklace and bramble earrings.

bramble earrings

2. How To Accessorize Button down Neckline

Button down neckline is the most worn neckline nowadays not only it is simple to style but it is very feminine and sexy, i just love them. You accessorize it depending on how you decide to wear it. The idea here is to let the necklace shine and wear minimal earrings like studs. For necklaces I will suggest a chain with a pendant if you decide to wear your shirt or top with few buttons open and if you choose to close your buttons put on a big statement necklace or mix a gold necklace (choker)  with pearls for a more dramatic look.

3. How To Accessorize Scoop Neckline

A scoop neckline is the one with wider and rounder front than in the back , this one is different from crew neckline which is circular with no collar and is mostly high in the front but people love to say they are similar.

This neckline is mostly seen on activewear, bodysuit and dresses. You accessorize this one by going hard on your earrings you can either wear statement hoops or danglers ( make sure you wear your hair in a ponytail or open to show off your earrings). For the necklace i highly suggest a very simple and lightweight necklace.


From ZVET: I love hoops, the bigger the better! Lol. Indeed hoops will go well with the style and I think that’s what I do often, but if you have a necklace with big pendants that too will go well with the outfit together with simple earrings ( please not bramble)!


This one right here is my favorite neckline to wear especially in the summer. This one ends on your arms revealing your shoulder and neck. Most of the pieces that are off shoulders are the statement in th outfit and you must be careful on how you accessorize this one. You can do it in two ways:

  • You can let the off-shoulder shine: if you want the off- shoulder to steal the show wear big hoops or statement earring with no necklace.
  • You let your jewelry shine: If you want the accessories to be the statement you can wear a choker or collar necklace with studs or no earrings.

Zvet: Ohhh, this one is my favorite! You can accessorize it depending on your mood, the statement you want to make etc. but please please, you can’t wear this without earrings! You can wear a big chunky necklace and big hoops like in the 90’s, or a simple choker and big earrings.

vintage earrings

5. Turtle Neck

Turtle neck also known as high rise neck which covers your neck and collar this one right here is my favorite. Accessorizing this one is very simple you just pair it with opera ( chocker) necklace or wear none , if you decide not to wear a necklace wear ear cuff earrings.

Zvet: Indeed, it is the easiest one to accessorize. I like to wear Crystal earrings (of course big) alone or a big chunky chain necklace and vintage creole.

chunky necklace for your turtle neck

6. V neck

Which is mostly seen on basic t-shirts and these are very simple to style. To style these ones you can pair it with pendant, adjustable necklace, simple necklace.


If you want to spice it up add some creole or hoops earrings too( average, don’t have to be big)! It looks much better!

Those were my simple tactics to style these necklines, which one is your favorite let me know in the comment section. See you in the next blog xoxo



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