5 tips to elevate your look

If you have been struggling with how to look chic and fabulous, today on the blog I am going to share with 6 tips to elevate your look.

First thing to know is that in order to have a great look it’s not about what you decide to wear but how you decide to wear it.


A great look is not about what you decide to wear but how you decide to wear it”

Don’t think that buying a lot of clothing items is the secret of wearing a nice outfit no it is all about mixing up items and knowing your personal style.

Today in my blog post I am going to show you how you can mix up patterns to create an incredible look, how you can change a casual outfit to a very chic and outstanding look.

The tips that I am going to share with you are easy, beneficial and  I hope they are going to help you elevate your look.

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The first one that will make things easy for you while elevating your looks is planning your looks before time, this will help you know which items you need to pair and create the look you want depending on your daily plan.


This one of the thing that I always say in my blog posts, the first thing to do when it comes to the fashion game it is to know your personal style.

This tip will make things easier because you will know what you need to focus on and what you don’t need.

If you are not sure of your personal style you can look for inspiration on p interest it can give you ideas about what to wear according to your body type , how you can style given items.


You may think of an outfit or love an outfit from a given influencer/blogger but when you wear it , it doesn’t look as you want or you just don’t love it.

When you know your personal style it is simple to modify a look by adding your personal touch and create the outfit you desire.

Another important tip of knowing your personal style it helps you wear things that makes you feel comfortable in your skin and it’s all that matters.


If you want to level up your look you need to invest in accessories like jewelries, hats, sunglasses and cute handbags ,etc..

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While investing in accessories you need to be careful on how you pair them with your outfit, the best thing to do here is to avoid exceeding 3 accessories per outfit.

For example you can have a cute hat, watch and handbag paired with a neutral outfit , the rule here is not to do too much with your accessories.

If it is for a daily / office look and you don’t want to look like you are doing too much for accessories you can wear a cute necklace or a bracelet and some sunglasses ( if it is a sunny day).

Vintage jewelry add a luxury touch to your outfit.

For a day out with your friends or in the weekend during the sunny days you can add a hat to compliment your look.

If you are not a big fan of jewelries another accessory that really elevate your look it is an outstanding bag.

You can pair a very casual look with a designer bag and it adds a chic touch to your look.


You can be wearing really nice clothes and still not look hot because your hair are undone or the hairstyle you have doesn’t add with the whole look.

The hairstyle is part of your look darling the way you invest on your looks make sure you also invest in your hair .

Make sure your hair look nice before going out if you don’t feel like doing your hair you can wear a head wrap or a hat to cover it up.

You can have a cute head wrap from ICYEZA if you are in Rwanda and also check out how i style my head-wrap-by-sanz here.

And also here is a way you can grow your hair naturall rice-water-hair-growth.


Another tip to elevate your look is to wear one statement print (it can be a trend or not) and dress around it.

While preparing your outfit you can ask yourself:

  • What is going to make my look stand out?
  • Am I going to wear a casual or a chic look? Which look am I going for?

When you are dressing up a given print / pattern make sure to pair it with items that makes it stand out and shine, don’t wear too much prints at the same time.

An outstandig item can be for example animal print shoes, blazer, skirt or pants it can be any items that catches people attention.


A blazer is one of the items that REALLY elevate any type of look and it is one of my favorite peice in my wardrobe.

This is one of the item you can wear anytime and anywhere. If you feel like your outfit is not coming out as you want add a blazer it will completly change the look.

You can pair a blazer with a graphic tee and a blue jean for a casual look , you can add a pair of boots to make it more fashion.

A blazer is a must have if you want to elevate your look !


In fashion it is all about exploring, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

it may be scary but in order to change things you need to try new things.

You can have a wardrobe full of clothes and still struggle with the question “ what am I wearing today?” the problem is not that you don’t have what to wear but it is that you don’t know how to style what you have or you are too scared to try new things.

If you want to level up your fashion game step out of the bubble and try new things , look for inspiration on youtube, p interest and Instagram.

Before spending money buying new clothing items focus on styling what you have , trying new looks.

Those were my 6 ways you can elevate your look, what’s your favorite tip ?

Let me know in the comment section xoxo

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