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Welcome to Styled By France and today we are reviewing the BEU BY ISIMBI COSMETICS eye shadow palette.

I am a big fan of the beauty world and i was so happy to work with this brand and review their eye shadow palette.

In this blog post i am going to share with you more about the brand, the product , my thoughts about the product so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.


Beu By Isimbi Cosmetics is a brand based in Rwanda, created by the amazing Isimbi Vestine MURAGIJIMANA .


She is also owner of other companies , she is an international model, a hard working woman indeed.

They have other products like lip glosses and 2 other eye shadow palettes and this nude eye shadow palette i am about to review.

They also have hair products from MIZANI and other brands that you absolutely need to check.

if you are looking for quality products make sure to check them out on Instagram i will link their account below.

You can also visit their store in town CHIC BUILDING FIRST FLOOR E007.


Now that you know more about the brand let us fully review their eye shadow palette.

I am going to talk about the packaging, texture , pigmentation and the application and rate each one of these categories from 1-10.


let us start from the beginning the eyeshadow palette is wrapped in a light weighted plastic as package.

When you remove the package it is has pink touch that makes it more girlie.

It has the picture of Isimbi also the shades of the palette are displayed on the front with also the brand logo.

It is a really travel friendly palette which is one of the thing i love about this palette.

At the back there are names of ingredients of the product and it is paraben free and cruelty free which is a MAJOR YES for ME.

The palette has a mirror on the inside which is absolutely amazing because it make the eye shadow application more easy and enjoyable.

Fro the packaging i will give them 9/10.


The palette is made of 18 shades displayed in 3 rows with 6 shades on each row.

It has 2 compressed glitter shades , 4 shimmers, 1 concealer base and 10 other shades.

Down here i took pictures of this palette in 2 sections to show you well all the shades.

In the lower part of this section you will find the concealer which is a cream based concealer.

you can use it to cut the crease and to prime your lid before applying your eye shadow.

The second section we have more glitter and shimmer. You can use the shimmer as a highlighter especially the one on the last section.

Have you checked my blog where i talk about areas where to apply the highlighter ?

Click here 5-areas-to-apply-your-highlighter to check it out.

The thing i love about this palette is that you can create many looks either a soft glam or an all out glitter look.

If you are sucker of pink and purple finish look go for this palette you have too many options.

For the shade and the composition i will rate it with a 10/10 they did a good job and the fact they have a concealer base makes it more special.


The shades in this palette are easily blended into the skin ,smooth and wearable for an everyday look which i love so much.

Here are the swatches where you can see all the shades on my skin with or without the camera flash so that you can see how amazing these shades are.

On the first picture i swatched 9 shades starting from the first one on the left side , this how it looks with the camera FLASH ON.

You can see how the glitter is popping and the texture of other shades , they are beautiful.

The second picture it is the same shades and with no flash so you can see the texture in the normal daylight.

Here is the second section with the next 7 shades the first picture is with the flash and the next with no flash.

The second picture is to show you how these shades looks on with the normal day light.

If you don’t have eye shadow brushes you can use your fingers for application especially for the glitter and the shimmer shade i prefer using my fingers.

Also i made a blog post about 6-essential-makeup-brushes-for-beginners make sure to check it out here.

Rating the pigmentation

For the pigmentation it is a medium pigmentation with a smooth formula.

few fall out occurs when you wear glitter shades but for the matte there is little make sure not to apply to much on your lids.

I have worn most of the shades in this palette and the last for 5-7 hours approximately with few fall out but the glitter and shimmer last longer.

For the pigmentation and how long it last i will give a 7/10 rating.

Here is one of the look i created with the BEU BY ISIMBI PALETTE.

Well well i am not a makeup artist so i tried to apply a darker shade on the outer corner of the eye with some shimmer.

What do you guys think ? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

According to this picture you can see the shade i mostly love to use.


Absolutely YES !!! I recommend you get yourself a palette from BEU BY ISIMBI COSMETICS.

WHY ??

First of all if you want to add more color in your makeup life and try something new, i highly recommend this palette.

You can create many colorful look with this palette that you can wear during day and night time.

Second reason why i recommend you this brand because it is A RWANDAN BRAND created by our fellow sister and it is up to us to support her.

We are in this together, LET US SUPPORT OUR SISTER

The price is 12500 frw and it is reasonable price for an eye shadow palette.

If you are winning make sure your sister win and get yourself an eye shadow palette from BEU BY ISIMBI COSMETICS.

If you can’t support your own sister , who will ? Let us learn to support one another.

5 I Totally Love About This Palette.

  1. It is a travel friendly palette that you can take anywhere with you in your bag.
  2. The mirror on the inside which makes it more easy to use.
  3. It has a concealer that you can use to create the base or to prime your eye lids before applying the eye shadow.
  4. You can use the shimmer colors as a highlighter so if you don’t have one you can use your eye shadow palette.
  5. Love the fact it is product from a Rwandan BRAND and you all know i love supporting my people.

Make sure you get yourself a BEU BY ISIMBI COSMETIC PALETTE.

For more information visit their instagram page here

Was this blog helpful ? Share your thoughts in the comment section xoxo.

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