Welcome to STYLED BY FRANCE, Today on the blog we are going to talk about tips to smell fresh and clean all day.

When I started my business of selling beauty products people loved to ask me about which body sprays to buy.

What do they need to smell fresh and clean , to look nice and beautiful etc…

And that is how i came up with this blog post to answer all of these questions.

So today I am sharing with you all the tips and tricks that can help you smell good , look fresh and feel good and more confident in your body.

Feminine Hacks I am sharing with you today are the really tea I use them and shared them with my close friends and they can assure you that they work.

Lets get started !!!


The first tip i am sharing with you is how to smell nice and fresh everyday all day.

The tips I will share with you are from head to toe starting from your hair to your toes, sit down and relax because it is going to be a long blog.


Let us start from the beginning,Ladies the first thing to do is to take a shower in the morning and before bed.

You can’t go in your bed with all the sweat and dirt of the day, evening showers also help to relax so that is the first thing to do.

Here some other beneficial tea you need to know.


If you want to look good and smell good the first thing to do is have clean and fresh hair.

It is so unpleasant when you have done your makeup and rocking a cute outfit and have an unpleasant smell coming from your old braids or dirty hair.

Sis take care of your hair first !

Make sure you wash your hair more often, it can be once or twice in two weeks if you don’t have braids.

If you have braids there is also a way of cleaning them , we all know how much those braids stink after a month when you don’t take care of them and ladies adding hair lotions it is not cleaning them it is adding more dirt.

How do you clean your braids?

I personally use a makeup removal wipe to clean it up, who else does this ?

This really helps when i have braids that are difficult to wash but when i can, i wash them with a hair shampoo.

I then add some hair moisturizer to moisturize my scalp I use jojoba oil from ORS HAIR CARE it smells really nice.

After this small trick you will have your hair looking good and smelling nice.

Make sure you also have a hair spray to add a some fresh scent to your hair.


After taking care of your hair the next part that needs special attention is your face.

Every girl needs a skin care routine, your sis ( ME) doesn’t have one but i am working on it.

After taking care of your facial skin , you also need to smell good especially your oral hygiene needs to be on top, how do we do that ?

For your mouth to smell clean and fresh make sure to brush your teeth twice or three times a day if you can.

If it is hard for you to brush your teeth after lunch ,I suggest you have a chewing gum with you it helps in avoiding stink mouth odor.

There are so many refreshing chewing gums out there or lollipops, girl always have one in your handbag to help you just in case.

You will see me most of the time chewing gum or with a lollipop that is why sis ! don’t say I didn’t tell you.

You can get yourself some MENTOS CHEWING GUM from your local super market or Pharmacy.



After taking care of your hair and face the next part is the lower body if i can say.

As I told you in the beginning the first tip is taking a shower twice a day which is for the clean part now let’s talk about smelling fresh and good part.

Personally when taking a shower I use 2 different soaps that is a tip I learned from NICKIE LIFESTYLE.

In the past I only used one soap but since I watched her video I changed and it works.

I first use the washing soap the one you use for washing your clothes or dishes in kinyarwanda it is GIFURA SOAP or you use TEMBO.


These white cleaning soap they are good at removing all the dirt on your body than the scented soap most ladies use.

I use the one called WHITE STAR you can find it anywhere in Rwanda it really does its job.

After using that soap I then use a scented soap my favorite is this turmeric soap it really smell nice and makes your skin feel smooth.

This is no joke girls it really does and it is very affordable.

It is only 1000 RWF at FRANCE BEAUTY SHOP. I will link it down below.

Other scented soap that do the thing are the Johnson body wash, DOVE they are really amazing and you can find them anywhere in Kigali.


You can also buy them through KASHA RWANDA.

I make sure I put the scented soap all over my body during my evening shower ,I take my whole time and massage my skin while applying the soap and it feels really nice and relaxing.

After that i cleanse my body and I leave the shower smelling really nice and clean.

It is time for the next step which is body care.

Every girl needs a body spray, deodorant, antiperspirant and a perfume. Yes girl all of them !

I know most of you are wondering if you need all of them but you do sis , here is the reason why.

What is a body spray ?

Picture from pixabay

The body spray have a very pleasant aroma which helps to hydrate the skin and have fresh and pleasant smell through the day.

The body spray is applied directly to the skin after showering and bathing do not spray it in your clothes.

What is the difference between a deodorant, antiperspirant and perfume ?

Deodorant helps in protecting against bad odors , it really blocks it and helps you smell fresh all day.

The antiperspirant blocks the sweat and that is how you smell good and if you want to control the underarm wetness this is the key.

The perfume contains a high level of fragrance than the deodorant and it is applied in your clothes.

That is why all of these are needed because each one of them play a specific role in smelling fresh and clean.

How i Apply all these fragnance on my body

When I am done with showering before applying my body lotion I FIRST USE MY BODY SPRAY and let it dry with air and apply the body lotion after.


This is a trick I learned recently from my favorite Youtuber.

If you want your body spray to last throughout the day this is the trick APPLY IT BEFORE YOUR BODY LOTION.

Because when you get out of the shower your body is clean and the pores are open when you apply your body spray it goes directly into your skin and you should let it dry it out by itself don’t use your fingers to spread it, NO NO DON’T !!

You need to choose a body spray that smell really nice I suggest you try VICTORIA SECRET but if you can’t afford it go for something simple.

Here is the empty bottle of the body spray i use lol. If you are looking for a cheap and effective body spray go for this one.

After the body spray dry you can now add your body lotion I suggest you choose a body lotion that doesn’t have a strong scent to avoid having mixed scent it may not end well.

You should use a body lotion with a neutral or natural scent. I personally use body lotions from MORE UP COSMETICS.

You can even try brands that create body lotion , body sprays and perfumes that compliments one another in that case you will not mix up things.

I can suggest brands like DOVE, JOHNSON, NIVEA, SANCTUARY SPA etc..

If you can’t afford them you can go for a body lotion with a neutral scent or lighter scent like the MORE UP ALOE VERA BODY LOTION it’s the one I use and it is really the best.

Another important tip is to apply the ANTIPERSPIRANT and lock the sweat away.

This is the one i personally use and it last through out the day , only cost 1500 rwf.

If you are looking for deodorants of good quality you can check RARALOOKS on Instagram.

Here are some of deodorants i got from Raralooks during our collaboration.

Another important tip you need to know is to buy deodorants that are ALUMINUM FREE it is beneficial for your skin trust me.

This one right here is FA deodorant from Raralooks, you cab find quality products there. Make sure you check them out on Instagram.

Here is the aluminum free deodorant

After you can wear your clothes and apply your perfume and it is done, you are ready to go smelling nice, fresh and feminine.


The first thing to do here is to avoid to wear shoes that are wet , clean your shoes more often and wait until they are dry to wear them.

If you have sweaty feet wear protective socks to avoid having smelling feet.

Don’t wear socks more than 2 times if you want to have clean and fresh feet.

It is so simple to have clean and fresh feet.

Those were my tips and tricks to smell fresh and clean all day everyday.

Was this blog post helpful? Let me know in the comments section xoxo

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