things to know about mental health

I always wanted to write something about mental health and it was so hard for me to pick which topic to talk about

Then i realized that it is a topic a lot of people don’t feel comfortable talking about . I thank God that some people are working so hard to raise awareness about mental health

Mental illness is affecting millions of people world wide every year.

While watching Taraji P Henson’s interview at Variety power of women where she was talking about her Boris Lawrence Henson foundation.

And her fight to break the stigma around mental health in black community.

It made me release that it is really important for us all to fight together for this cause.

It is so sad to see that there is an increasing number of kids that commit suicide every year due to mental health problems.

This issue needs to be addressed and stop the negative stigma around mental health.

One of the greatest secret to help people living with mental illness is talking about it openly.

Being there for them in dark days when they need us.

There are important things you need to understand about mental health.


We can all be affected with mental illness.

Nobody is immune to mental health problem and it is sad how it is swept under the rug and nobody wants to talk about it.

I think that mental health and physical health are both important and this statement shouldn’t be ignored.

We all face trauma at different stages of life it can be a heart break,loss of a family member any abuse.

Which can affect our mental health.

It was proven that 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood and adolescences.

that is why whenever you feel like you are sad, depressed it is okay to seek help.


The stigma around mental illness is so real and a lot of people are afraid to talk about their cases because they don’t want to be judged.

I remember when i first published my blog post about how i struggled with self love.

The link to that post is here my journey to self-love

One friend of mine asked me why i shared something personal that it was weak from me to share something like that.

It made me realize that there are people who are struggling with mental illness and they don’t want to talk about it cause they don’t want to be labeled as weak.

The best way to fight against the stigma is to talk about it , to raise awareness about mental illness.

Sharing your story about mental illness is not weakness instead it is a sign of strength and courage.

I was raised in a community where showing signs of emotions was considered as a sign of weakness.

But it is not okay many people are committing suicide and are depressed because they hide their traumas.

They don’t want to be judged but it is up to us to show them that it is okay to talk about how they feel, it is okay to be different and break the stigma about mental illness.

Whenever you feel bad, anxious and depressed feel free to seek for help. Talk about it to a friend.

Let’s all raise awareness about MENTAL HEALTH and break the STIGMA around it.

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