Mkaeup storage tips

I am big fan of a clean and organized space, it boots my productivity when i see all the things clean and organized so today on the blog we are talking about 3 tips that can help you organize your wardrobe especially your beauty section area.

If you are a person that wear heavy makeup or even love trying many products it can be overwhelming arranging them , sometimes it is even hard to find a specific items when the organization is poor that is why today I am sharing with you 3 tips that can help you organize your beauty products.

In this blog i will share methods that i use to store and organize my makeup and beauty products and also i am going to link where you can buy some organizers.

Here are the blogs to check out:

i love arranging and sorting things not only it looks nice but also it help you know where things are so let’s dive into those tips.


The first tip that can help you arrange your makeup or beauty products is to arrange them according to how you use them. This tip apply for someone who has a small space, few products and for someone who doesn’t have many containers where they can store their products.

You can for example start from the skincare products , proceed to your body lotion and finish with your body sprays and perfumes in this order it will help you maintain your routine and use all the products.

I personally use this method cause my skincare routine is very simple and this save me time cause all the products are right in front of me and when I want a specific product I know where to find it because it is stored according to how I use them which is very effective and efficient.

For this tip you can use wooden bins, clear bins with sections that can be found at Miniso Rwanda, a special makeup organizer or a simple shelf.

I even use boxes this is a very simple DIY if you have shoes boxes or any box you can use them to store things, don’t say I didn’t tell you.



If you have so many products that you even forget some of them then categorizing them is the best thing. You first start by editing and sorting them , the ones that are no longer used you can donate or throw them if they are about to expire this will help you make room for those that you really need.

The second step is to store them according to categories it can be for example eye category, face serum, sunscreen etc..

From categories then you can subcategorize to products that you are currently using , this apply for people that have so many products and with this method it will help identify which products that need to stay and which one are not staying also if you are person that loves buying products a lot it will help you know when you are exceeding the space.

For this tip you can use drawers with dividers they will help you categorize your products easily.


The last tip to organize your beauty products is to be creative with the space that you have, if after categorizing your products you still want to keep more here are the 2 other ways to store and organize them in a categorized way:

  • ORGANIZE ACCORDING TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE : As i mentioned in the first tip organize according to how you use your products, the mostly used can be at the top and on an accessible shelf in this way if there is something you want to switch it will be easy for you.
  • HANG YOUR PRODUCTS : If you run out of space you can still hang oyur products somewhere where they will easily accessible like in your bathroom or next to your mirror in this way all that you need will be just hanging around the corner.

Those are my easy way to organize and have tidy space in our wardrobe or even anywhere remember an organized space = productivity.

How do you organize your makeup ? Let me know in the comment section down below. See you in another blog xoxo !!!

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