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It’s been a while since i did a fashion blog and today we are talking about how you can plan your outfit for your different wear without even using a fashion app. basically i am going to share with you tips that can help you look put together on a daily basis without struggling with ” i don’t know what to wear ” dilemma.

Most of the time not having what to wear isn’t because you don’t have clothes but it is because either you have so many clothing items that don’t match or you simply don’t have the basics things that can help you create an outfit easily.

Before we dive into this blog here are essentials blogs you need to check if you want to be stylish everyday:

Now let me give you 3 tips that can help you plan and come up with amazing outfit every single day, it doesn’t matter if you are going to the office or even spending the day home.


The first thing you need to build up an outfit is basics , i love talking about this in every fashion blog, with this you can create any outfit so before you buy those channel bags make sure at least you have a pair of regular jeans, tops, blazers etc.. This not only make planning your outfit easy but it ll save you from repeating outfits.

I am this kind of person that have few and functional clothes whenever i am buying something i make sure that at least it goes with 3 items that I already have in my wardrobe this is why it will be so easy to style it, that is why having a capsule wardrobe is essential.

You can check my free fashion guide on how to organize your wardrobe here, this is will help you a lot.

Basics are very essential they help you build an outfit from scratch, if you are a minimalist this will save you time and mine. You can’t never run out of option when you have basic items in your wardrobe.

Here are some basic essentials every girl should have, read the blog here.


I am this kind of person that plans my outfit ahead of time, I don’t want to find myself in a position where I am stuck in front of my wardrobe with nothing to wear. If you know you have a certain event plan your outfit before, plan how you can style them, take pictures , look for inspo like have an idea of what to wear before .

This will save you time plus when you are looking for inspo it gives you a different perspective on how you can style different clothing items, colors and patterns.

When also planning your outfit it will help you avoid fashion faux pas and also it will help you assess your wardrobe if there is something that you need to buy or get read of you will know by planning and arranging your wardrobe.

Another tip when planning for your everyday wear is to plan according to your weekly plans, look at the different activities and plan outfits accordingly.


When planning for your outfit keep this in mind , don’t be like me there are days that I wore summer outfit during rainy seasons and I found myself shivering to death so sis whatever outfit you are planning consider the weather, know which season you are in and plan accordingly, down below are some ideas of what to wear for different seasons:


There are days when we have different activities lined up and we need an outfit that can work for both so whenever you are planning an outfit for a given day make sure it is versatile, an outfit that can work for any occasion and this will help you a lot.

If for example it is Friday and you are going for drinks after work wear something that can slowly transition from day to night wear.

Those are my 4 tips that can help you come up with outfit easily and help you save money, what is your favorite tip? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for your support i will see you next time in another blog, xoxo !!

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