How to level up and be a vetter version of yourself in 2022

In the honor of the International Women’s day I decided to write a blog about how to Level up and become a better version of yourself.

This blog is for everyone but especially ladies, we are so blessed to be in a generation that empower and give us a platform to express ourselves and I think it is up to us to make our ancestors proud that fought for this moment by being the best version of who we are and be on the top of our games, not only for them but for our future daughters and generations to come.

One of the reasons that pushed me to start this blog was to empower women with my experience, I tried to take you with me through every stage in my life and today we are going to talk about LEVELING UP in all areas of our lives ( mentally , physically , emotionally and financially).

Women are so special we are blessed with many talents and capabilities and we are allowed to be who we want to be , it is time to start standing for ourselves, start putting in the work and share our magic with the world. On this special day i want you to reflect on your role in this world. What are you doing to make a change ? Are you creating a space for fellow women to grow? Are you helping those in needs? What are you doing with what God blessed you with ?

On this special day I want you to be proud of all the silent battles that you fought, accomplishments and loss, you have come this far and you still have a long way to go so be proud of yourself today, YOU MADE IT !!!!!

On this special day i want you to reflect on who you were , who you are now and who you aspire to be? Are the things you are doing now preparing you for who you want to be or you are slowly drifting from your purpose ?

On this special day LADIES reflect on your lives and if there is something you are doing wrong the time is now to start over and do better, so let’s dive into the tips that will help you become THAT GIRL.


If you want to level up the best and first thing you need to do is to BELEIVE IN YOURSELF. This is leveling up mentally and emotionally, when you start believing in yourself a lot of things are going to change in your life believe me on this.

Believing in yourself is going to make you more confident and unlock many potentials and talents you didn’t even know you had. You want to see the change in the world be the change and how do you do that? By believing in yourself, trust yourself , start seeing yourself as the WOMAN GOD CREATED YOU TO BE.

I am here still doing this because I believe in myself, I believe in what I can achieve and I trust myself to do the best with what God blessed me with. Leveling up start with being confident and trusting that you can, if you want to be a better version of yourself believe in yourself.


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Now that you believe in yourself it is time to take care of yourself, self care is key and i will always preach about this. Taking care of your whole self ( mentally, physically, emotionally etc…) is not only running a bubble bath but it is also learning a new skill, take a break, cut of toxic habits, having a routine , it is anything that helps you become better.

If you want to be a better You Mentally start reading books for example , do new activities that opens up your mindset like going for a hike, trying new sports these are things that challenges and helps you discover yourself.

Take care of yourself physically by working out and eating healthy, i will always preach about this your appearance tells a vivid story of what you eat so start being intentional with your nutrition and exercise. Not only working out helps your physical self but it also helps mentally. Make working out a routine and you are going to see a drastic change in your body, mental and emotional health.


We are leveling up in 2022 and there is no better way to do it than INVESTING, i wish i start doing this in my early 20’s but we live and we learn. If you want to elevate financially start investing, i know saving is really nice but when you invest you are not only saving but your money is working for you.

This is something i am planning to do this year, i am going to join investment classes, educate myself because i am really terrible with money, you want to level up this is the thing to do.

Invest , save , start new ventures, work, you want to be a rich self made boss you better start now. Money doesn’t fall from the sky you work for it.


You want to be at the top of your game ? Be consistent in whatever you doing. Consistency is a form of discipline that you need to build up if you want to be successful in life, nothing comes from giving up or being lazy. You want to see mindblowing results be consistent. I know sometimes it is hard especially at the start but you have to keep pushing, look at the big picture not the obstacle.

These are the starter tips that you have to apply if you want to level up, you can apply this in any area of your life and trust me you will start seeing results, sis we are all born with gifts but only people with consistency and determination access them fully.

This is a sign for you to stop day dreaming and start working, you will see drastic changes if you start with yourself and remember it is only one day at a time, plan make goals but remember to be consistent.

On this special day i want to remind you that you are Queen, you are created for greater things you need to start believing in yourself and start working towards your dreams, success is waiting for you at the other side of fear and procrastination so get up and start NOW.


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