How to tell your partner i love you for valentine - STYLED BY FRANCE

It is that time of the year again, Valentine’s day is here and as usual i am sharing with you some few tips on how you can make your valentine’s day a very special and memorable day.

Last year we saw 4 spicy date ideas that most of you loved if you didn’t see this blog here is the link click here to read.

This year I am sharing more tips that you can use to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them and I am so sure you will love them.

P.S : These tips apply for men and women. Valentine is not meant for the ladies only, men also deserve to be pampered with love.

Can we normalize this? Thank you !!!!

So let’s jump into the tips.


There is no better way to show someone how much you love them than speaking their love language. We are all created differently and people love and show love differently. This is something we should all know, sometimes it can be confusing when you want to surprise your partner and you don’t know where to start because your love languages are different.

If you didn’t know :”knowing your partner ‘s love language increase chance of your relationship longevity” ,so during this valentine season identify your partner’s love language and plan accordingly.

Here is some ideas of love languages : words of affirmation, act of service, quality time, physical touch etc… so make sure you know what your partner love and treat them accordingly remember on this day it is less about you and more about making them happy. If you know that your partner loves when you help with home chores do something for her/him, if you know they love cuddles and kisses do so if they love just being with you in the moment give them just that, it’s all about the little things .


Another creative way to show your partner that you love them on valentine is to get away, i love get aways it can be a staycation, road trip anything that get me outside the house with my special someone makes me happy. To spice this up go on an adventure like try out new things together not only you will bond through the process but you ll get to know your partner better.

Let’s stop the boring valentine bouquets and create more memories with our loved ones here are some few ideas:

  • GO FOR A HORSE RIDING SESSION: This would be fun and interesting moment to share with a loved one especially if it is their first time trying horse riding. The plug for this activity is FAZENDA plus they have so many fun activities you can try if you are not into horse riding.
  • GO FOR KARAOKE : If your partner loves music this also can be a fun activity to do together to spicy it up , request their favorite song and help them sing it, this is the cutest thing ever if the person is not shy of course.
  • GO FOR BOWLING or ANY OTHER SPORT : Another cute date idea is going for games it can be bowling or anything your partner like if they love sports surprise them.
  • GO FOR A STAYCATION: I can’t finish this list without adding my favorite activity STAYCATION or VACATION. Book a place and just run away with your parnter fall away from the city noise and stress just both of you. Here are some cute places for a little getaway: AHERA CABIN, UMVA MUHAZI etc.. just get away sis it will save your relationship.


The last tip to show your partner that you love them is through gifting and this year let’s be more creative with gifts oHkay ????

There are so many cute gifts ideas you can check pinterest or even my recent christmas gift ideas for inspo but here are some few ones:

  • PROMISE RING : If you really love your partner and you see something serious with them you can get some promise rings for both of you, i know so many people will love this and this is the cutest gift ever. GLIM JEWELRY got you covered i saw some on their Instagram page and I was like why not??
  • CUSTOMIZED SCENTED CANDLES : If your boo loves candles and you want to be intentional with your gift this is it , that’s all i can say. Offer them their favorite scented candle with a customized word or even their name on it , i swear to GOD this would be the best intentional gift, don’t say i didn’t plug you.
  • SHOP VOUCHER : If your partner love shopping or if you don’t know precisely what to get for your partner this would be an amazing gift plus most of the shops around this period have gifting/ discounted voucher so give your girl or man a treat, they are going to love it trust me.

Those are my simple and creative way to show love during valentine’s day , What was your favorite or which one are you trying? Let me know in the comment section.

I hope you loved this blog and feel free to let me know the type of content you want to see here, see you next time and Happy Valentine’s day, xoxo !!!

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