Today on the blog I am going to talk about few tips that can help you build up your confidence.

This blog post is very close to my heart because i have been struggling a lot with self confidence and self love. Now that i found a way to self love i feel like i need to take you guys with me on my self confidence journey.

The tips i am going to share with you, are the tips i personally use and i know that they actually work. Stay with me i know this blog post is going to help you.

We all have insecurities that stop us from reaching our full potential, sometimes they make us feel like we don’t deserve to be happy.

If you have been feeling low and wondering what can help you get back your power and embrace who you are created to be this blog is also for you.

I started my self-love and healing journey back in 2017, I cannot say it was easy but it was worth it.

During my journey I learned that nobody is perfect and no matter how much we grow and evolve we still have 2 or 3 things to learn from life, nobody has it figured out be we keep moving.

The past months especially last year taught me that you can love yourself and still have low self-esteem, True or false??

I believe that is TRUE, WHY ?

You may really love yourself but still be destabilized by critics from people, those critics can make you doubt your capabilities, make you feel like you are not worth it and make you go back to the old you the one that seeks validation from others.

I recently realized that even if I worked on my past and moved on, there was something missing and that was SELF CONFIDENCE.

Today on the blog I am going to share with you tips that helped me get back my power and boosted my confidence.

First of all what is self confidence?

Self-confidence is : ” a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.”

 I like to define it as that feeling that makes you feel like you are that GIRL ( BOSS BABE) when you walk into the room, that feeling that makes you feel like you deserve your place at the table.

That energy that attracts people to you, that power that makes you unstoppable when people say you can’t.

That feeling of strength that ability to conquer the whole universe.

Have you ever felt that?

If you didn’t, Girl don’t worry after reading this blog you are going to feel like it rising inside of you.



You can’t get over something that you don’t know the cause, you may treat what you see on the outside without going to the roots of the problem and still fill empty.

it is like when you got to the hospital ,they first do physical examination, lab test, history taking to know why you are sick ( the causing agent).

things to know about mental health

After knowing the reason/ causing agent they treat you accordingly, this also apply to treatment of low self confidence.

Before starting your self confidence journey you need to analyse what made you doubt about yourself, what hurted you or what is stopping you from moving forward.

It may be your childhood, the abusive relationship you have been through or the current situation you are in, it may even be that one word someone told you and thought you didn’t care about it, but it marked you.

Take time to analyse, evaluate and understand why you behave the way you behave, i believe that after that you will know where to start during your healing process.

Another thing you need to know is that gaining your confidence back is not something that happens over night, it is a PROCESS that requires patience, belief and trusting in yourself.



The next thing that will boost/ build up your confidence is a PRAYER.God is the only thing that you need to bring your soul back to life.

I can testify that since I got back to praying and making JESUS my priority I found myself again.

There is a difference between walking with Jesus and walking alone.

My sister if you want to gain back your confidence invest in you relationship with GOD.

Work on your relationship with GOD and you will feel secure, beautiful, loved and confident,there is so much power in the name of Jesus as long as you believe in him.

I know most of you are wondering what praying has to do with confidence, let me break it down for you.

When you get hurt by the world and everything around you fall apart you start blaming GOD. Thinking that what is happening to you, it’s not fair.

But sis everything that happens to you is for a reason, a purpose but most of the time hurt blind us and take us away from God.

When you get away from God, all the good things also go, that is how you find yourself bitter, angry, full of hate, negative with low self-confidence.

How can you be confident when you don’t even love who you are or proud of you are? How can you also love yourself if you can’t love your creator GOD?

If you have been going through a lot and it affected your level of self-confidence get back on your knees and talk to GOD.

Let God know what you are going through, what you want, let him heal your soul and restore your confidence.

I believe that we were all born with self-confidence and the world changed us but we can still go and get back what was ours through praying.

Start praying daily, reading your bible and let God in your life that is the first step to boost/ build up your confidence.


Daily affirmation plays a big role in my life, I faced a lot of bullying back in the days and I still do on this date but this is my remedy.

Every morning after praying I just say these words “I AM GOD’S BELOVED AND DESERVING” this makes me start my day knowing deeply that GOD loves me and I deserve everything good that exist.

I know people may not like you and project their negativity on you but when you have this habit of appreciating yourself and affirming it, it work as a barrier to everything that is meant to hurt you.

You can practice this if you want to boost your confidence, you don’t need people complimenting you to feel good about yourself, do it for yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say: “ I am beautiful , I am happy , I am great , I am a piece of art, I deserve to love and be loved, I am confident , I can do it, I am the baddest, I am loved by GOD.”

If you use these affirmation every day you are going to start seeing some changes in your mood, the way you perceive thing and your confidence will increase.

Don’t wait for others to validate you, validate and have faith in yourself.


Do you have that person that inspire a spirit of confidence to you ? If yes take a pen and paper and write down everything you admire about that person and do it.

This also helps you build up your confidence.

I have different role models for different purposes, the one for my confidence is VIOLA DAVIS AKA ANNALISE KEATING from HOW TO GET AWAY WITH A MURDER.

If you never watched this tv show I recommend you should watch it, when I first started watching it I didn’t really care that much.

But one day I was feeling low, vulnerable and asking myself what should I do to be this girl that I always wanted to be? And suddenly I saw her on the show, the way she walked, dressed, talked, the way she made everybody see that she was capable even when she didn’t clearly know what she was doing and I was amazed like wow !!! I need that energy.

That is when I started watching the whole serie admiring her hard work, persistence, her confidence and I knew that I wanted to be like her even if it was a personality from a show.

I started learning how to walk with my head high, how to always have a smile on my face when my world is falling apart, how to accept critics without breakdown , I started growing and working on my self confidence.

I swear since then , I started going to places I thought I will never be , start being proud of my work and started collaborating with brands.

If you also have been struggling with self confidence this tip is definetly going to help you, there is so many people to be inspired from.

Take your time analyse who you want to be and see who can help you become that person and learn from them.

It can be a tv personality, influencer, a self made entrepreneur, a family member anybody, all you have to do is to know who you want to be and start working toward that.

Those were my tips about how you can build your self confidence, was this blog helpful ?

Let me know in the comment section xoxo !!

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