I have seen tons of videos on YouTube about That girl routine where people are sharing about their morning routine, how they manage to stay productive during the day. It looks like every creator is jumping on that trend and i am also going to drop my version of that girl video really soon.

Today on the blog we are going to learn more about THAT GIRL, is it worth the hype ? Is it important to have a routine? either a morning or evening routine and everything in between.

Here is the lesson of today : THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A ROUTINE.


I know some of you maybe wondering what is ” THAT GIRL ROUTINE”? Well it is a routine that helps you become that badass woman who smash her goals by getting up early, working out, eating healthy, do the most with her day. In few words it is those habits that you adopt to achieve your goals .

This trend has been taking over different apps since 2021 starting with tiktok , Instagram and now whenever i open YouTube that is the only thing i see on my home page.

Most of these videos are very fancy , very calming to watch and elegant they make you want to try it just for the aesthetic but does really having routine help in achieving your goals ?

From my personal experience, YES IT IS A GAME CHANGER to have a routine, when I started my self love journey this something I adopted back in the days. It started as an act of self care and it ended up as an everyday routine. Since I started respecting and practicing my morning and evening routine I saw a drastic change in my everyday mood, energy and productivity.

If you don’t have a constant daily routine this is your chance to start one, you can look for inspiration on youtube and i will soon drop mine soon so stay tuned. Here are the 3 main roles of having a routine:


If you want to make the most with your day and want to increase your productivity, start by investing in your morning routine, the way you spend your first 5 minutes determines how you are going to spend the day so make sure your first 5 minutes are productive, how do you do that?

The first thing is to avoid scrolling through your phone when you wake up, this is one of the main toxic habits that decrease your productivity, i did a whole blog about toxic traits you need to stop right now click here to read. Instead of laying there and complain about life while scrolling and comparing your life with IG PEOPLE get up pray, drink water , make your bed , something like that . Make sure you get active in the first hours of your day it will make your whole day active.

Make sure your morning routine is made of activities that boost your confidence and energy and that is how you will spend the rest of your day.


If you are a person that lives with anxiety, stress , depression or any mental health problem this is something that will help you a lot. From my personal experience i am the type of person that like being in control of her life, whenever i feel like i am not in control of a situation i tend to overthink which can lead to anxiety so having a routine really helps me stay grounded and makes me feel like i am the one leading my life not the opposite.

So if you are stressed or anxious about small things try having a routine, set activities to do during the day, start your day with a prayer, affirmation videos , make sure you incorporate in your routine anything that makes you feel good about yourself and this will help you decrease your anxiety and stress and smash your daily goals.


If there is one thing i learned through life is that success doesn’t happen over night, it is something that you work for everyday and having a daily routine is one of the thing that will make you a successful person.

Having a routine makes you discipline and consistent which are key to success, if you always wake up earlier, workout, pray, eat healthy not only you are smashing your daily goals but you are also smashing your year goals without even knowing. Those baby step you make everyday they train you to become a better person everyday.

If you watch or listen to all those successful people like OPRAH,… you will understand that they all have a routine, those small things they did daily that lead to the success they have now so it is your turn to make the most of your day by having a routine.

The time is now to build the life that you want and good life requires hard work so start now, work and invest in yourself , make sure everyday you are doing something that makes you grow and glow from the inside to the outside.

Another thing i want you to know is that you can add or remove anything in your routine as long as it makes you reach your full potential DO YOU, there is no strict criteria of how a daily routine should be make your adjustment according to what works for you.

Was this blog helpful ? Let me know in the comment section and see you next time in another blog. xoxo

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