Let’s talk about Fashion TRENDS in 2022. After the amazing fashion shows we have been seeing around we now have a clear idea of trends that are dominating the fashion scene in this year. This spring trends are giving more color, joyful vibe than the past years and I am here for this after all we have been through we need a ray of sunshine in our lives.

I have been loving making fashion content and I hope you also enjoy reading ,watching them and also find some resourceful information that can help you upgrade your style. Talking about style I made a whole guide on how to build a functional wardrobe if that is something you are willing to try here is the link to the guide DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Not only I will be sharing the trends with you but also how to style them and where to shop of course I will make sure to link affordable products cause it is all about affordability here.

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Now that you are all caught up with my recent posts let’s jump into the trends.



The first trend I am sharing with you is the bold colors, yes they are back especially LIME GREEN is really dominating the fashion scene right now. Let me tell you it’s not any colors it is those bright bold colors like red, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple etc… Those colors that we are afraid to rock are now dominating, say goodbye to nudes and welcome other colors.

Fashion tip : When buying trends make sure you invest in something you can wear and style differently not something you can wear once. I made a whole blog about SHOPPING TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW the link is here to read.

Talking about bold colors you need to also know that suits are back especially BOLD COLOR SUITS are killing it and ZARA has the best pair that you definitely need to check, I linked them below:


If you are a big fan of heels platform heels are trending now, is this something you can try ? Let me know in the comment section.

I am a big fan of heels but that is something i rarely wear but one thing about heels they bring out that feminine side so if you want to add a feminine touch to your looks wear heels babe.

Talking about platforms heels it is not just any heel here we are talking about those one with ankle straps and bold colors like yellow , pink or green babyyy these are giving runaway fashion. I have seen Monroe Steele rocking them and i was like okay okay sis we see you !!! But i am wondering do you think this one trend is here to stay or no ? Let me know in the comment section.


I don’t know if it’s me or if i am being dramatic but have you seen that mini skirts are making a come back ? In the past years it was all about side slits, long skirts but recently mini skirts are taking the lead. It is not any mini skirts but also some with front sexy slits are really making a scene as we saw in the Versace show. If you have always wanted to try mini skirts this time i am highly suggesting going for a satin mini skirt or leather ones they really give that sexy, feminine touch that we all love.


Another trend that is here to stay is cut outs tops or dresses , they made their first scene in 2021 and now they are back and better. Wow these are the sexiest pieces that I have been seeing and would love to try. Talking about cut outs pretty little thing and revolve have some of the most beautiful cutouts which you can check out down below.

I personally think that this year trends are not only colorful but they are also very feminine and just beautiful, they are those type of pieces that brings the woman in you out, those pieces that you wear and walk around feeling like you are THAT GIRL and i am here for it.


The last trend I want to include in this blog post is the low rise bottoms it can be pants or skirts but these are making a come back. Let me be honest when i first saw this trend i wasn’t really a big fan cause I love high waisted bottoms and i am pretty sure that most of us are feelingthis way but you know we can always give it a try.

And I also think this is going to be like a motivation for me to keep working out so that I can rock them with a beautiful flat tummy but now it is a NO for me lol

But honestly the low rise bottoms are back and they are here to stay, say goodbye to your high waisted jeans ladies we are back in the 90’s. What do you think about this one ? Is it something you can try or it is a pass for you ? Let me know in the comment section.

Those were my top 5 fashion trends for spring/summer 2022, there so many more out there if you want me to make part 2 let me know in the comment section and i will be happy to do that. Which one was your favorite? Which one are trying? Let me know in the comment section, see you in the next blog. xoxo

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