As we are in the season where a lot of people are getting married.

The question most people have when invited to a wedding is ” What am i going to wear?”

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Today i am going to share with you different tips and tricks to consider when you choose a wedding outfit as a guest.

What to wear at a wedding as a guest

Shall we ?


When choosing an outfit as a guest you should consider where the ceremony will take place.

If it is a garden ceremony i would suggest you wear wedges or block heels over stiletto heels.

It will be hard and uncomfortable for you to walk around in the garden with stilettos.

what to wear at the wedding

you will certainly need a friend for support so better wear something more comfortable.

If the wedding is taking place in an institution with more modest dress code make sure to cover up in respect of that.


Yass hun you are reading that right !

Don’t wear a white dress to a wedding ceremony.

You can wear a white dress if you are a bride otherwise it is a big NO unless if it is a white wedding where the dress code is specified.

what to wear at the wedding

The white dress is usually reserved and associated with the bride.

Your outfit can have a little white in it which is okay but if not let the bride be the one to wear the white dress alone it is her special day let her shine.


Cultural belief of the couple can affect your choice.

There is certain dress or outfit you should be aware of depending on the couple’s belief.

You should respect them.

what to wear at a wedding as a guest

Apart from that even if you are attending your friend’s wedding remember how many older guests present including families of the bride and groom.

You should avoid overly sexy, low cut, revealing or high hemmed outfits.

You can look feminine and attractive in a reasonable way.

what to wear at a wedding as a guest of honor

That was all for today, share your thoughts in the comment section,xoxo

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